Zimbabwe NGO Directory

List of registered Non Governmental Organisations in Zimbabwe. NOTE* Some NGOs may not be on this list or may have changed their address. Please send an email to investigativeafrica@gmail.com to add an NGO or submit a change of address.

177 Abandoned Babies Committee* 19 Rowland Square, Milton Park,Harare Box CY 1963 Causeway, Harare (04) 707792 Mrs Dalmeida Y To minimise baby dumping. To establish contact with women families and partners. To minimise baby dumping. To establish contact with women families and partners. NGO Children

974 Abilities Sheltered Workshop 25 Trojan Street Belmont,Bulawayo Box 8362 Belmont, Bulawayo (09) 67889 0 abilitie@acacia.samara.co.za Daniel van Vugt Training to be self reliant. NGO Training

512 Action Aid* 16 York Road, Newlands, Harare Box CY 2451 Causeway, Harare (04) 788122-3/702226 (04) 788124 annastanciag@aafrca.org.zw Collin William Works with some of the world’s poorest children, families and communities. Works with some of the world’s poorest children, families and communities. NGO Children

70 Adult Literacy Organisation of Zimbabwe (ALOZ)* W.O. 43/70 No. 29 Natal Road, Avondale, Harare Box 4480, Harare (04) 339691/302276 (04) 791475 25 Mrs Grace Kumbawa Y To alleviate poverty and empower women through functional Literacy in Zimbabwe To contribute to attainment of universal adult literacy in Zimbabwe. NGO Literacy, Training

294 Adventist Development and Relief Agency W.O. 24/68 41 Lanley Road,Bulawayo Box 573, Bulawayo (09) 706691 (09) 76059 sdazwu@acacia.samarar.co.zw To give assistance to health services, education and training and water resources. NGO Education, Health, and Resource Conservation

1486 Advisory Service for Development Zimbabwe Box 200 Harare Executive Director To provide an advisory service to groups involved in development activities in Zimbabwe. NGO Poverty Alleviation,Funding

Affirmative Action Group (AAG) 124 Fife Avenue /13th Avenue,Bulawayo (09) 70822 L.Masunda Provides a revolving fund for less privileged entrepreneurs. Lobbying for black involvement in main stream of economy and community development. NGO Training and Funding

169 Africa 2000 Network* 60 Selous Avenue,Harare Box 4775, Harare (04) 700926/39 (04) 700496 afri2000@africaonline.co.zw National Co-ordinator To mobilise,support African NGOs to address the problems of environmental degradation. To mobilise,support African NGOs to address the problems of environmental degradation. Int-NGO Housing, Funding.

202 Africa Book Development Trust 4 Alexander Court,Eastlea,Harare Box 7250, Harare (04) 794178 (04) 794178 Patron Facilitating access to books for deprived rural areas and commercial farm communities. Promotion of African writers and local publishers. TRUST Education

1541 Africa Child in hand Box A 375 Ascot Bulawayo (09) 64905 Administrator NGO Children

1487 Africa Co-operative Action Trust 4th Floor Shepperton House 94 Cameroon Street,Harare (04) 708079 Executive Director To participant in the development of rural areas. NGO Women and Gender

16 Africa Groups of Sweden 313 Herbert Chitepo Avenue,Harare Box CY 892, Harare (04) 733595 (04) 732585 afrgroup@harare.iafrica.com 3 Co-ordinator Y To give aid to other non-governmental organisations. Int-NGO Aids, Women, Literacy, Income generating projects

Africa Information Afrique 4 Lanark Road, Belgravia, Harare Box 7069,Harare (04)756250/757663 (04) 772123 aiazim@harare.iafrica.com I.B. Mhembere To write independent regional newsfeatures on SADC NGO Education

1584 Africa Now 9 FALMOUTH Alexandra park Box 3277,Harare (04) 744124 091 608 588 jordan@zimsurf.co.zw Anna Jordan

976 Africa Resources Trust 3 Allan Wilson Avenue, Belgravia,Harare Box A 860 Avondale ,Harare (04) 792625/732254 (04) 731719 info@art.org.zw Information Officer Dedicated to alleviate poverty in Africa. Focuses on the sustainable use of wild species by rural communities. NGO Poverty Alleviation

991 Africa Union of Local Authorities (AULA)* 108 Central Avenue,Harare Box 6852, Harare (04) 726289 (04) 726289 iula@harare.iafrica.com S. Sibanda Empowering local authorities to assist the grassroots deals with development. G/Agency Rural Development and Training

314 Africa Youth International-Zimbabwe (AYIZ) Y.C. 116 9922 Unit H, Seke,Chitungwiza,Harare Box 4420, Harare 1 National Director To see to the youth development work in Zimbabwe. To train youths in skills for employment, to conserve environment and to promote peace. NGO Agriculture, Human Rights, Education, Forestry, Training and Wildlife

2073 African Alliance of Political Science Box MP 1100 Mount Pleasant Harare (04) 739023 (04) 730403 aaps@samara.co.zw To promote the study and application of political science through research,teaching and publications. NGO Education

African Capacity Buildign Foundation P.O Box 1562, Harare, (04) 702915,738562 root@acbf-pact.org/www.acbf-pact/org

318 African Children’s Helping Hand Njire Township,Mpopoma Box A375 Mpopoma, Bulawayo NGO Children

166 African Development Bank Group 2nd Floor Batanai Gardens, 57 Jason Moyo Avenue,Harare Box CY 8404, Harare (04) 794391 Donor Health

2074 African Development Education Network 10 Cranford Court,52 Central Avenue Harare (04) 702280 (04) 702280 Matilda Makombe To facilitate joint planning processes between organisations NGO Education

489 African Development Foundation Vasan Building Office No 8 Second floor,109, Chinhoyi Street Harare Box 5150, Harare (04) 700249 (04) 795525 Executive Director To ensure that economic aid is put directly into the hands of grassroots Organisations. NGO Training

513 African Enterprise Box 4300, Harare (04) 746760 (04) 746761 Mr Hove NGO Children

African forum and Network on Debt and Development 207 Fife Avenue/ 10th Street P.O. Box MR 38 Marlborough, Harare Box MR 38, Marlborough, Harare (04) 778531/6 (04) 747878 afrodad@samara.co.zw Executive Director Y To promote and support the promotion of the development of the nursing profession for the benefit of the nurses .nursing staff, the community and the country at large To promote and support promotion of the advancement of the nurses and nursing staff. NGO Health

230 African Networking for the Prevention and Protection of Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) 11 BishopGaul Belvedere Box A 8043Avondale, Harare (04) 772169 772392 anppcan@africaonline.co.zw Mrs Khumalo Sakutukwa To prevent child abuse and neglect, to lobby for the promotion and defence of children rights NGO Children

977 African Pulbishers Network (Relocated to South Africa) Box 3773, Harare (04) 706196-7 (04) 705106 APNET@mango.zw Ms Mundondo Brings together NPA and PC to strengthen indigenous publishing throughout Africa. NGO Training

231 African Rehabilitation Institute 5th Floor Batanai Gardens, 57 Jason Moyo Avenue,Harare Box 4056, Harare (04) 731083-7/759211-4 (04) 731089/759218 gumede@harare.iafrica.com Executive Director Develop a unified approach for promoting development of preventative,rehabilitative Develop a unified approach for promoting development of preventative,rehabilitative services. NGO Education and Training

206 African Self Help Assistance Program* Shop 2 End Avenue,Mutare Box 1912, Mutare (020) 65747 Elizabeth Bara Works together with rural communities to improve education. Offer vocational training to school leavers to start their own business. NGO Education and Training

1488 African Welfare Society of Bulawayo W.O. 1/67 Methodist Hall Main Street,Bulawayo Box 922,Bulawayo (09) 64940 Executive Director To co-operate with Government and City Council of Bulawayo to improve welfare. Encouraging the progress of Africans securing their active co-operation. NGO Poverty Alleviation

135 Africare – Zimbabwe 4A Hugh Fraser Drive Greendale,Harare Box 308, Harare (04) 745859/745860-1 (04) 498108 Africare@mango.zw 7 Country Representative Y Improve quality of rural life. Water and Sanitation improvement and provision of nutrition to the community. Int-NGO Agriculture, Aids, Water & Sanitation, Health, Training, Resource Conservation.

90 Agency for Personal Services Overseas (ZAPSO) (relocated overseas) 284 Herbert Chitepo Avenue,Harare 284 Herbert Chitepo Avenue,Harare (04) 729220/796526 (04) 796257 091-221-922 Mary Kinsella Y To give technical assistance to developing countries. To give technical assistance to developing countries. NGO Education and Training

514 Aids Control Programme Box 8204 Causeway , Harare (04) 730011 (04) 703330 Executive Director NGO Children

171 Aids Counselling Trust (ACT)? W.O. 9/89 15 Rowland Square,Milton Park, Harare Box 7225, Harare (04) 797039-40 (04) 792340/796898 acthelp@samaara.co.zw Lilian Savadye To develop appropriate aids training material and courses. To develop appropriate aids training material and courses. NGO Health

515 Alice Chikomo’s Children Club* Box 50 ,Harare (04) 790366/222051 Executive Director NGO Children

134 All Souls Mission Children’s Home All Souls Mission,Mutoko P. Bag 501, Mutoko (072) 2376 5 Administrator Three children’s home build with 50 inmates orphans. To care for them. Educate them to be good future citizen of the country. NGO Health, Education, Literacy

Amanda Marga Zimbabwe Yoga Society P.O Box H118, Hatfield Harare

248 Amani Trust* Suite 3 1 Raleigh Street Kopje, Harare Box 5465, Harare (04) 737509/792222 (04) 731660 amani@echo.icon.co.zw Mr A. Reeler Provides community based care for the survivors of torture and organised violence. TRUST Children and Youth

Amnesty International – Zimbabwe 99 Mbuya Nehanda St., Office No. 25E, Bible House, Harare (04) 755987/755987 (04) 707277

1543 American Friendly Service Organisation Box 8585, Harare Int-NGO Education

Ananda Marga Zimbabwe Yoga Society P.V.O 21/80 4 Glenville Road, Hatfield , Harare Box H118, Hatfield Harare (04) 570950/ 091 349 461

Anglican Cathedral outreach programme (ACOP) Corner Nelson Mandela and Sam Munjoma Box 981, Harare (04) 702251-2 (04) 700419 catsmar@africa-online.co.zw adopts a holistic approach to helping the underprexiledged encompassing principle of equality, and accessibility to services meant for the poor. NGO Education, Elderly, Relief, Feeding scheme

516 Anglican Diocese of Harare Box UZ 7 Union Avenue, Harare (04) 702253/494071 (04) 700419 Father Mbuwayesango NGO Children

1527 Anna Bartono Centre W.O. 63/71 14 South Road,Norton Executive Director NGO Children

Anti Drug Abuse Zimbabwe /Anti Drug Abuse Association of Zimbabwe MA 96/02 101 lomagundi Road, Emerald hill,Harare Box A 283, Avondale ,Harare (04) 746157/ 091 906618, 091 329 161 / 023 417 318 (04) 746157/781174 adaaz@yahoo.co.uk To advocate for the prevention of drug abuse through counselling, training and rehabilitation of persons affected by drug abuse in Zimbabwe and to collaborate with other stakeholders to ensure the toatl prevention of drug and other social and helath ills associated wiht drug abude such as sexual immorality, road accidents among others. NGO Children/Youth, helath , HIV/AIDS Students, training , Youth

2084 Archidiocese of Harare-Zimbabwe* W.O. 172/68 Archbishop’s House/66 Fifth Street, Harare Box CY 330 Causeway, Harare (04) 727386/792125

305 Association of Rural District Councils Box BE411, Belvedere, Harare (04) 726526 (04) 425433 Executive Director To advance,safeguard the rights,powers and duties enjoyed by councils collectively. NGO Human Rights

1504 Association of the Widows of the fallen heroes W.O. 4/98 2nd floor Travlos House Cnr Jason Moyo/Rezende Street,Harare Box CH 580 Chisipite Harare (04) 752545 Mrs Alice Mazorodze To improve the educational status of all widows,children and orphans. To improve the welfare of widows and children of the liberation war heroes. NGO Women and Children.

102 Association of Women of Zimbabwe (AWZ) Box Mr 37, Marlborough, Harare (04) 338936 President Y To improve the lives of women in Zimbabwe through education, training To improve the lives of women in Zimbabwe through education, training. NGO Women

1511 Association of Women’s Clubs (AWC) W.O. 158/68 3 Cranleigh Road Hatfield,Harare Box UA 339 ,Harare 04- 571903/ 091 252 519 awc@mango.zw Mrs Holland NGO Women

2059 Association of Women’s Clubs (AWC) -Mutare W.O. 158/68 27 Cecil Chambers, Herbert Chitepo Street Mutare (020) 63982 Mrs Dube Training of Preschool teachers. NGO Women

574 Association of Zimbabwe Traditional Environment Conservationists (AZTREC TRUST) M.A.178/92 Box 9286, Masvingo (039) 63837 Executive Director Y To promote programmes that aim at conserving and protecting the environment. To promote the programmes that utilise,exploit traditional institutions in the field of ecology. NGO Resource Conservation

1589 Australian Agency for International Development Australian High Commission Box 4541 Harare (04) 757774 celia-grenning@ausaid.gov.au Celia Grenning Donor Funding Agency

1549 Australian Embassy-Direct Aid Programme 4th Floor,Karigamombe Centre,Union Avenue,Harare Box 4541,Harare (04) 75774-5 (04) 757764 Mildred Muzuva/Mark Lynch EMBASSY Donor Agency

213 Austrian High Commission (DAP) 4th Floor Karigamombe Centre, 53 Samora Machel Avenue, Harare Box 4542, Harare (04) 757774/794591 (04) 757770 Information Officer To assist the poor through financing of small development initiatives. To assist the poor through financing of small development initiatives. EMBASSY Donor Agency

211 Austrian Service for Development Co-operation 1 Wembley Cresent Eastlea,Harare (04) 776707-8 (04) 776707 koo@oedzim.icon.co.zw Co-ordinator for Zimbabwe To give technical assistance and assist in developing programmes. To give technical assistance and assist in developing programmes. NGO Education and Training

1542 Austrian Volunteers 26 Bradford Road,Harare Int-NGO Education

93 Auxillia Chimusoro Masvingo Provincial Network for People Living with HIV and AIDS 7298 Bugiwa Street Rujeko B,Masvingo Box 1707, Masvingo (039) 62878 011 209 514 Awareness and prevention of HIV and Aids in the Province NGO Aids

2075 Awana Clubs Zimbabwe 10 Bates Street,Milton Park Harare Box W 187 Waterfalls,Harare (04)703368 (04) 703368 Stephen Maphosa To reach children and youth of the world with gospel of Christ. NGO Trainign and Youth

581 Baptist Women’s Association 19 Eastcourt Road Belvedere,Harare Box 280 ,Harare Y NGO Women

477 Batanai Old Age Home* W.O. 4/77 Senga Road,Gweru (near Mambo Press) Box 935, Gweru (054) 24926 Executive Director Y To look after the destitute, old aged from 60 years onwards. To care for them healthwise with the help of a doctor who comes once a month. NGO Women and Literacy

1010 Batsirai Group* 125 Midway Chinhoyi Box 480, Chinhoyi (067) 22398/24066 (067) 24115 batsirai@samara.co.zw Executive Director NGO Children and Aids

1492 Beauty without Cruelty W.O. 22/72 c/o 35 Rhodesville Avenue Highlands,Harare Box 8498 Causeway Harare Executive Director To oppose ill treatment of animals,the cruelty involved in the exploitation of animals for profit. NGO Wildlife

1011 Bekezera Community Home Based Care Box 11 Turkmine (085) 338 (085) 282 Executive Director Provides homebased care and assistance to AIDS Patients NGO HIV/AIDS

1512 Benefit Hind Diocesan Clergy W.O. 172/68 Box 8060 Causeway,Harare NGO Community Service

478 Benevolent Association W.O. 8/77 Herbert Chitepo Road/ Kidias Shops,Kadoma Box 600, Kadoma (068) 3731 Executive Director To help the aged To try and keep the aged comfortable NGO Gender

232 Benevolent Helping Hand Association W.O. 51/68 111-3rd Avenue Mbare,Harare Box CY8327, Harare Executive Director To provide overnight shelter and protection to destitute women and children Provides welfare support during crisis and reduce tension. NGO Gender

517 Bezer Children’s Refuge (04) 301956-7 Executive Director NGO Children

1493 Blanche Gordon Tape Recorded W.O. 27/67 c/o National Society for the Blind and Physically Handicapped George Avenue,Khumalo,Bulawayo Box 144,Bulawayo (09) 60434-5 Executive Director To provide a taped library service for the blind and physically handicapped people. NGO Education

1494 Boggies Trust W.O. 219/68 Cupar Road Lundi Park,Gweru Box 293, Gweru (054) 7916 (054) 3985 Executive Director To provide accommodation and care for the elderly of Zimbabwe. TRUST Gender,Poverty Alleviation

1495 Boy Scouts Association of Zimbabwe* W.O. 53/68 76 Mc Cherly Avenue Eastlea,Harare Box 669,Harare (04) 746644/746830 bsaz@internet.co.zw Executive Director To train boys in habits of observation,obedience and self reliance. To train boys in habits of observation,obedience and self reliance. NGO Children

51 Boys Brigade of Zimbabwe* W.O. 52/68 60 Samora Machel Avenue,Harare Box 2444,Harare 091 310 439 (04) 792277 bbzimbabwe@yahod.com 2 National Administrator/Secretary To advance into Christ Kingdom among boys and promote habits of obedience.reverence,dispipline,self respect and all that turns towards a true christian maliness. Obedience, reverence, discipline, self respect, NGO Education, Social Activities

Build a Better Youth (BABY ZIM Trust) 67B Central Avenue 023 284 849 sbarson@junglemate.com

1497 Bulawayo Citizens Advice Bereau W.O. 8/67 Goldfields Building 71 Main Street,Bulawayo Box 2370,Bulawayo (09) 60711 Executive Director To give advice and information to any one in need of such a service. NGO Information and Networking.

307 Business and Professional Women’s Clubs Box 403,Kadoma 3732 Executive Director To stimulate,encourage women to realise and accept their responsibilities. To work for equal opportunities and status for women in the economic ,civil and political life. NGO Women

133 Business Extension Advisory Service (BESA) 8th Floor Globe House 51 Jason Moyo Avenue,Harare Box CY 697, Causeway, Harare (04) 750655/627 (04) 750653 20 Regional Manager To promote development of SMEs through training and advisory services. To provide training to SMEs improve their business,and facilitate business financing. NGO Employment creating money generating activities

2060 Business Extension Advisory Service (BESA) Mutare 61 4th Street/2nd Avenue Mutare Box 2001 Mutare (020) 60427/66703 (020)66711 Executive Director Provides businness advisory services to the emergent business people. NGO Training

1593 Cambridge Female Education Trust (CAMFED) C/o Liebenburg Secondary School, Chivhu Box 97 Chivhu (056) 2534 Executive Director Promotes and supports the education of the girl child by providing financial and material assistance as well as guidance and counselling. NGO Children

1596 Campeace Association Cnr 8th /Samora Machel Avenue, Harare Box CY 1761 Causeway ,Harare 4 Pastor Janda Provides counselling to street kids and their families in an effort to re-unite them. NGO Children

163 CAMPFIRE Cnr Hillside Road/Glenara Mukuvisi Woodlands,Harare Box 661,Harare (04) 747422/29/30 (04) 747470 campfire.id.co.zw Director Enable rural communities in Zimbabwe to effectively manage their natural resources. To see rural communities in Zimbabwe freed from vagaries of poverty. NGO Resource Conservation

1555 Canada Fund for Local Initiatives* Program Support Unit , 45 Fife Avenue/L. Takawira Avenue, Harare Box 2619, Harare (04) 736831-2/706781-2 (04) 736833 Sithembile Nyoni/Godfrey Maphande Assists small scale development projetcs with special emphasis on Water and Energy. DONOR Water, Ernegy

210 Canadian Co-operative Association 219 Fife Avenue,Harare Box CY176,Harare (04) 793815 (04) 739610 Technical Adviser An adviser to the saving and credit co-op union. An adviser to the saving and credit co-op union. NGO Training

1545 Canadian High Commission* 45 Baines Avenue, Harare Box 1430 Harare (04) 252181-5 (04) 252188 Roger G.Lacroix Reprensation of Canada in Zimbabwe EMBASSY Donor Agency

1544 Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)* 45 Baines Avenue, Harare Box 1430 Harare (04) 252181-5/795514/6 (04) 252188 godfrey.mphande@dfait-maeci.gc.ca Mr. Mphande To manage and monitor the Canadian Official Development Assistance programme in Zimbabwe. DONOR Governance, NGO Sustainability, Gender, Information, Human Rights, Poverty Alleviation, HIV/AIDS

158 Cancer Centre Harare* W.O. 63/68 60 Livingstone Avenue,Harare Box 3358,Harare (04) 707444/707673/721788/723351 (04) 721788 cancer@samara.co.zw 15 Manager To educate the public on cancer prevention. Promoting the prevention of cancer. Serving as a resource for information on cancer. NGO Health

73 Care International in Zimbabwe* 16 Hofmeyer Street,Masvingo Box 264,Masvingo (039) 64975/65139/65917/65712 (039) 65140 carezim@icon.co.zw 100 Programme Manager Y We seek excellent and innovation in one drive to economic and social changes. Poverty alleviation through food, security and income. Int-NGO Agriculture, Health, Resource Conservation, Water

186 Care International in Zimbabwe* W.O 15/2003 8 Ross Avenue Belgravia,Harare Box HG 937 Highlands, Harare (04) 727986-8/708115/708047 (04) 727989 carezim@icon.co.zw Deputy Head Co-ordinator To archive and demonstrate optimum impact founded on a holistic understanding of household livelihoods,cross sectoral intergration of complimentary interventions and institutionalized learning process NGO Agriculture,Natural Resources and Rural Development

CAST 04-700131

2085 Catholic Alliance for Justice and Peace in Southern Africa 165A Fife Avenue Harare (04) 732245 (04) 732245 Simango NGO Education and Economic justice

233 Catholic Ancillary Teachers of Rural Zimbabwe Old Shell House 57 Nelson Mandela Avenue,Harare Box 1589,Harare (04) 726164 (04) 726164 Executive Director To provide teachers to teach in rural parts of Zimbabwe. To provide teachers to teach in rural parts of Zimbabwe. NGO Education and Training

2062 Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) Harare Africa Synod House, 2nd Floor South, Harare D .Nyabadza Assist with counselling those with marriage problems,Labour disputes and human rights issues. NGO Human Rights,Education

58 Catholic Development Commission Lobengula Street/ 9th Avenue,Bulawayo Box 830,Bulawayo (09) 69218 (09) 69218 4 Co-ordinator Y To promote and implement development programmes. To train selected rural communities to be self reliant,promote women’s clubs. NGO Water and Sanitation, Agriculture, Women

57 Catholic Development Commission 0101757W Box 5,Gokwe Box 210,Gokwe (059) 2381 2 Co-ordinator To promote the spiritual and material aspect of the whole person that all may live in dignity. Advocacy role – marginalised and poor.To design and implement development. NGO Agriculture, Women, Gender, Resource Conservation

1591 Catholic Development Commission (CADEC) 28 Robson Manyika Drive Chinhoyi Box 680, Chinhoyi (067) 23039 (067) 22217 10 Munyaradzi Dube NGO Rural development

132 Catholic Development Commission (CADEC) 14 Hofmeyer Street,Masvingo Box 403,Masvingo (039) 62331 (039) 65205 12 Co-ordinator Y Aims at uplifting the standard of living of target community in the diocese of Gweru. NGO Agriculture, Aids, Water & Sanitation, Literacy, Women, Gender, Training

479 Catholic Development Commission (CADEC) Gweru Aids,Agriculture

2061 Catholic Development Commission (CADEC) Mutare Herbert Chitepo Street/Jason Moyo Drive Box 877,Mutare (020) 60504/011 216 818 (020) 60504 Sr. Pauline To promote intergral development that leads to full participation,and self sufficiency among marginalised communities through out the provision of knowledge. NGO Rural Development

56 Catholic Institute for International Relations 8 Hyde Road Belvedere,Harare Box 4572,Harare (04) 741115 (04) 741559 ciir@zimsurf.co.zw 4 Country Representative Promote justice and peace through advocacy and technical assistance. Assist in food security. Popular participation in P.H.C.Disability and development. Int-NGO Agriculture, Health, Aids, Women, Human Rights,

180 Catholic Relief Services* 42 Harvey Brown Avenue Milton Park,Harare Box CY 1111, Causeway,Harare (04) 792072/792533 (04) 726555 crszim@crs.icon.co.zw Director To response to human needs by supporting self help programmes. To response to human needs by supporting self help programmes. DONOR Funding

235 Catholic Women’s League W.O. 186/68 Catholic Cathedral, Fourth Street/Herbert Chitepo Avenue,Harare Box 54,Harare (04) 720862 Bishop Y Assistance to Parish priests and church work missions. Assistance to Parish priests and church work missions. NGO Women

236 Centre for Applied Social Science University of Zimbabwe Sociology Department,Harare Box MP167,Harare (04) 303211 Ext1340 (04) 732828 cass@esanet.zw Executive Director To play a role in analysing the dynamics involved in community based natural resour To play a role in analysing the dynamics involved in community based natural resources. NGO Education and Training

195 Centre for Development Information and Education (CIES) ) 100 Prince Edward Street Milton Park,Harare (04) 725520 (04) 790489 cies@harare.iafrica.com Project Manager To enhance the conditions of women entrepreneurs in Matebeleland South. Improved business performance of women in two districts in Matebeleland South. Int-NGO Gender and micro-enterprise development.

223 Centre for Research Information Action for Development in Africa 3 Cross Road Belvedere,Harare Bag A6117Avondale,Harare (04) 741366 (04) 741366 Director Emphasis on small scale industrial estates and factory shell. Emphasis on small scale industrial estates and factory shell. NGO Education and Training

587 Chaminuka Development Association Rhodesville Avenue Greendale,Harare Box 151A Greendale,Harare Y NGO Training

1529 Chawarura Training Centre Charmwood Farm, Centenary Box 105, Centenary 057-3951 psda@africaonline.co.zw NGO Training

1460 Chembira Women’s Theatre Group Box CY 2651, Harare (04) 721917 Executive Director NGO Women

131 Chengetai School – Zimcare Trust W.O. 57/82 135 Herbert Chitepo Street,Mutare (020) 63568 Headmaster NGO Education

Chiedza Child -care Organisation PVO 61/2003 No.37 Stracken Street, Adbennie, Harare Box W142 Waterfalls, Harare (04) 664043 stellasikano@yahoo.com To support and care for vulnerable children in Zimbabwe Children,Education,Financing, Skills Training,Community Development,Networking

1585 Child and Law Project 1991/94 184 Fife Avenue,Harare (04) 721541/795472 Naira Khan NGO Children

36 Child Protection Society W.O. 7/67 Snowdon Road, Belvedere,Harare Box BE220, Belvedere,Harare (04) 708829/710024-5/780079 advocacy@mweb.co.zw Co-ordinator Y NGO Aids, Human Rights

1498 Child Spacing and Fertility Association W.O. 12/67 Box ST 220 Southerton,Harare (04) 667656 Executive Director Promoting the concept of child spacing in Zimbabwe. NGO Health

1461 Child Watch International 184 Fife Avenue,Harare Box 4581,Harare (04) 721541 (04) 796535 Executive Director Int-NGO Children

157 Childcare Ministries.* W.O. 31/89 84 Lorraine Drive Bluff Hill,Harare Box WGT 301 Westgate Harare 091-328 284 beano@icon.co.zw 2 Co-ordinator To aid and assist with the needs to the displaced and resettled persons in Zimbabwe. To aid and assist with the needs to the displaced and resettled persons in Zimbabwe. NGO Aids, Health, Refugees, Education

1456 Childline-Zimbabwe* W.O. 54/67 31 Frank Johnson Avenu, Eastlea, Harare Box CY 1400 Causeway Harare (04) 734252/796741/793715 Free phones 263-4-701111-2 (04) 734252 child@africaonline.co.zw Liz Robb Chairperson to be the most sought after provider of support and comfort to all children in Zimbabwe, regardless of economic circumstance, through the provision of confidential, freephone and drop-in-service NGO Advocacy, Children/Youth,Empowerment , HIV/AIDS,Social Awareness

518 Children and Law in Eastern and Southern Africa 15 Kerfield Lane Borrowdale,Harare (04) 882253 Executive Director NGO Children

583 Children’s Cancer Fund Box 7040,Harare Y NGO Children

1536 Children’s Helping Hand Society W.O. 12/68 co/Shades of Africa, Karigamombe Arcade, Union Avenue, Harare (04) 751788 (04) 751788 mormap@hotmail.com 20 Morelife Mapeture Assist us to help children, they are our gift. NGO Children

1521 Children’s House Association W.O. 37/80 12 th Avenue/Barrow Street Bulawayo Executive Director NGO Children

256 Chinyaradzo Children’s Home Box HD384, Highfield,Harare Mrs Mesikano NGO Children

221 Chipangali Wildlife Trust Box 1057,Bulawayo (09) 229646 (09) 229639 Executive Director Y NGO Gender

Children’s Performing Arts Workshop (CHIPAWO) 5 Holmwood Close, Marlborough, Harare Box MR 11, Marlborough, Harare (04) 300925 (04) 309929 chipawo@mango.co.zw

1001 Chireya Mission Hospital P.Bag 6129,Gokwe (059) 536 NGO Children

1002 Chirinda Orphanage Bag 2 Mount Selinda,Chipinge Executive Director NGO Children

1003 Chitenderano Homes* W.O. 19/93 Box 389 Rusape Box 389, Rusape (025) 3275 Executive Director To provide a home environment to destitutes and orphans (including HIV/AIDS affected by providing Shelter, food, clothing, parental care,snd spiritual growth NGO Activism, Children/Youth/ HIV/AIDS, Elderly

Chivhu Aids Voluntary community Development Association of Zimbabwe (C.A.V.C.D.A.Z) 49 Cloete street, Chivhu, Zimbabwe (056) 2765 To form a strong, directed and principled local NGO in Micro finance, which will offer financial and non-financial products to poor rural Youth and women in Chikomba district in order to eliminate poverty,HIV/AIDS, environmental degeadation, Gender,community DEvelopment. Advocacy, Children/Youth,Community Development, HIV/AIDS, Micro Finance, Poverty Alleviatin

CHIYSAP Stand No. 3352, St. Mary’s Home Industries, Chitungwiza Box ZG77 Chitungwiza (070) 21941-44/23472 (070) 21942 chiysap@mango.co.zw

519 Christ the Rock Ministries 1 St. Quintin Rd, Eastlea Box CH 630 Chisipite, Harare 778713 Executive Director NGO Children

1499 Christian Aid (CA) W.O. 1/80 29-31 Selous Avenue cnr 4th Street,Harare Box Cy 1629, CAuseway, Harare (04) 722001/7 (04) 737289 christianaid@mango.zw Executive Director To expose the scandal of poverty, contribute to its eradication, and be prophetic in chllenging the systems and processes that work against the interest of those who have been poor or marginalized. NGO CApacity Building, Community Development, Food relief, HIV/AIDS, Rural development

2064 Christian Care Mutare 80 Second Street Mutare Box 926 Mutare (020) 60403 (020) 60494 Executive Director Provides water and sanitation development as well as food security. NGO Health ,Water and Sanitation

42 Christian Care, Harare W.O. 79/67 120 Baines Avenue,Harare Box 33,Harare (04) 728016/708248/732722 (04)708248 794171/091 221 196 ccarenat@cst.co.zw 65 National Director Y Formulate and run sustainable community development programmes. Respond to emergencies as they occur.Strengthen our resource base and accountability. NGO Agriculture, Gender, Women, Refugees, Sanitation

504 Christian Care, Bulawayo W.O. 79/67 121Herbert Chitepo Road,Bulawayo Box.3392,Bulawayo (09) 74014/65804 Executive Director To provide water supply ,sanitation and food for the poor. NGO Water and Sanitation

1581 Christian Children’s Fund 4 Bath Place Rivingstone Street,London (44)0207 729 8191 (44) (0207) 729 8339 Cbennett@ccfgb.org.uk Claire Bennett Donor Funding Agency and Children

520 Christian Institute of Business Box 4088,Harare (04) 732162 (04) 732154 Executive Director NGO Children

1520 Christian Unity Vision of Zimbabwe Association W.O. 45/82 Box 749,Bulawayo Executive Director NGO Children

1583 Church Enterprise Development Organisation (CEDA) W.O. 517/87 Box SK 70 Seke,Chitungwiza 011 725 349 Godfrey Muvimi

237 Citizens Advice Bereau W.O. 220/68 20 Samora Machel Avenue,Harare Box 4907,Harare (04) 792733 (04) 707943 Executive Director Y To give advice and assistance free of charge and in conference to people. To give advice and assistance free of charge and in conference to people. NGO Education

168 Civic Form on Housing 91Enterprise Road Highlands,Harare (04) 496653/496654/496745 (04) 496041 Co-ordinator Promote democratic forms of urban governance,especially to low income communities. Encourage policies that foster self-reliance, a sense of community and citizenship. NGO Housing, Settlements.

979 Civil Service Employees Association 7 Victory House 1st floor,Mutare (04) 66900 J Gwazai Provides loans for educational purposes and assist in establishing small businesses. Provides loans for educational purposes and assist in establishing small businesses. NGO Funding

490 Cold Comfort Farm Trust W.O. 23/91 7 Cowie Road Tynwald,Harare Box 8055 Causeway ,Harare (04) 703251/703228 (04) 732467 Executive Director To assist the needy in Zimbabwe. To assist rural small scale farmers to use what is available under supervision. NGO Training

522 Collaborators Box 160 Dzivaresekwa,Harare (04) 216700 Executive Director NGO Children

62 Collective Self Finance Scheme W.O. 47/89 157 Chinhoyi Street, Harare Box 706,Harare (04) 774712,774373/751564/771419 (04) 771393 c.s.f.s@telco.co.zw 10 General Manager To create an alternative self financing institutions that supports small enterprises. Contribute to the development of small enterprises,provide access to fixed capital. NGO Agriculture, Training, Provision of finance.

1546 Commonwealth International Development Agency Box 4572, Harare DONOR Funding

201 Community Technology Development Trust (CTDT) 286 Northway Road, Prospect, Waterfalls, Harare Box 7232,Harare (04) 576108 (04) 576091 tactdms@harare.iafrica.co Preservation of agro-biodiversity and sustainable utilisation. Preservation of agro-biodiversity and sustainable utilisation in order to attain sufficient food. NGO Agriculture, Advocacy , Capacity Building, Community Dvelopment, Environment, gender, Information Dissemination, Relief, Research

Community Working group on Health Trust MA 122/02 114 McChlery Avenue, Eastlea, Harare Box BE 1376 Belverdere, Harare (04) 788099/788100/776989 (04) 788134 cwgh@mweb.co.zw/cwghadm@mweb.co.zw to collectively Enhance Community participation in Health in Zimbabwe Health

130 Compassion Ministries* W.O. 17/88 Transtobac Complex Hillside Road Msasa,Harare Box BW 91,Harare 091 237 429/091 234 547 (04) 700925 Dgaylard@htwm.org 14 Director Meeting the needs of spirit,soul and body. To assist in providing relief to people in extreme circumstances. NGO Agriculture, Orphans, Settlements, Refugees, Resource Conservation

61 Connect Zimbabwe Institute of Systems Therapy* W.O. 7/85 54 Central Avenue,Harare Box 6298,Harare (04) 708707/794131/734002/705079/720868/721873 (04) 7794131 connect@mweb.co.zw 36 Director Y Connect is committed to the developing human relations with farmers and Organisations. To develop through research and evaluations,offer consultancy services to the community. NGO Health, Women, Training,

2063 Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) Mutare Murray Building ,Herbert Chitepo Street Mutare Box 1008 Mutare (020) 64449 Mr Dzenga Educate the public on consumer issues and assists consumers in getting redless know their rights and responsibilities. NGO Human Rights

54 Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ)* W.O. 9/85 14 Lawly Avenue, Lincon Green, Belvedere Box UA 582 Harare (04) 778264/740438 (04) 775935 headoffice@ccz.org.zw/ prdept@ccz.org.zw 33 Acting National Co-ordinator Y To spearhead consumer rights through sustainable consumer awareness and advocate for effective consumer protection. Promote fair trading practices.Monitor unethical advertising techniques. NGO Education, Human Rights, Health,lobbying and Advocacy.

38 Consumers International Regional Office For Africa* 11 Connaught Road Avondale,Harare Bag A6215 Avondale, Harare (04) 302283/307259/307260 (04) 303092 roaf@harare.iafrica.com 22 Regional Director Support and strengthen member organisations,further consumer protection. Support and strengthen member organisations,further consumer protection by government. To raise the level of consumer awareness. NGO Health, Energy, Human Rights, Gender, Resource Conservation

980 Contact Family Counselling Centre* PVO 6/97 44a George Silundika /3rd Avenue Bulawayo Box 2558, Bulawayo (09) 72400 (09) 883607 contact@telconet.co.zw U.Kappner To empower peple, focussing on disadvantage individuals, families and children to lead more productive lives, makes a positive contribution to society and final personal happiness. NGO HIV/AIDS, Training & Counselling

188 Co-ordinating Committee of Voluntary Service Organisations (COSV) PVO 7/2003 10 De Villiers Road, New Alexandra Park, Harare Box A113, Avondale Harare (04) 744975 (04) 744614 cosv@zimb@zol.co.zw Executive Director To improve community based services and supply safe water at first level. NGO Health

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition 34 Creswick Road, Hillside, Harare Box CY 434, Causeway, Harare (04) 747817 (04) 747817 info@crisis.co.zw

269 Council for the Blind – Bulawayo W.O. 60/68 131 Fort Street,Bulawayo Box 506, Bulawayo (09) 64940 (09) 79971 cfb@telconet.co.zw Executive Director Y Prevention of blindness. Education of the blind,rehabilitation of the blind. NGO Health

Council for the Blind – Harare Box 3503 cfb@telconet.co.zw

523 Dambiro Revana Creche 13 Nenyere Flats Magaba Mbare,Harare NGO Children

1457 Dananai Childcare Organisation (DACHICARE)* 27 Simon Mazorodze Street, Masvingo Box 357, Masvingo (039) 62643/64484 (039) 64484 Executive Director NGO Children

998 Danhamombe Counselling Group (D.C.G) Danhamombe Secondary School,Chivi District,Masvingo SESE Postal Agency, Masvingo (037) 2054 To provide counseling services and material support to AIDS victims, orphans and abused children and O.V.C To Provide Intermittent counselling to children on Broad Areas of individual growth. NGO Academic, Advocacy, Capacity buliding, Citizens Rights, Civic, Rights, Community Development, Developmetn, Discussion, empoerment, Gender

37 Danhiko Project* W.O. 69/82 123 Mutare Road,Harare Box AY179, Amby,Harare (04) 492087/492367 (04) 492362 danhiko@mango.co.zw 104 Director, Mrs Mudenge Y The deliverance of quality education, training and production for the disadvantaged. Provide education and training to the disadvantaged and physically disabled. NGO Education, Training

540 DANIDA (Relocated) UDC Centre,1st Floor,59 Union Avenue, Harare Box 4711, Harare (04) 758185 (04) 758189 denmark@mail.pci.co.zw DONOR Donor Agency

1490 Darby and Joan Centre for the Aged W.O. 35/69 Cnr Princess Road/Clayton Road Belvedere,Harare Box BE 29 Belvedere,Harare (04) 741784 Executive Director To provide a social club for senior citizens of both sexes and some residential accommodation. NGO Social development

544 Department for International Development (DFID)* c/o British High Commission 6th floor Corner House Samora Machel Avenue/L. Takawira Avenue,Harare Box 1030 Harare (04) 774719-28 (04) 775695 graham@dfid.gov.uk Steve Graham Promoting economic growth that benefits the poor,good governance and human rights,Access of poor people to land ,resources and markets. INT-AID Funding

266 Department of Adult Education University of Zimbabwe Mount Pleasant Drive,Mount Pleasant, Harare Box MP 167 c/o Dept. of Adult Education, Harare (04) 303211 (04) 732828 Executive Director Y To train adult educators and researchers in adult education. NGO Education

DESERET Parirenyatwa Hospital Complex, off Mazowe Road, Harare Box BE 1270 Belvedere (04) 790250/790253 (04) 790245 deseret@deseret.co.zw

50 Development Aid From People to People (DAPP) W.O. 22/80 Park Estate,Shamva Box 4657,Harare (04) 717192/011 401 292 (071) 7730 dappzim@primenet.co.zw 250 Chairman To transfer funds, resources from area to area with abundance to areas with shortage. Taking good care of its sick and weak ones, old and Children. DONOR Agriculture, Literacy, Aids, Gender, Forestry,

981 Development in Practice* Cresure House 67-69, 2nd Street,Harare Box CY 355 Causeway,Harare (04) 726001-5 (04) 726009 dip-hre@harare.iafrica.com Executive Director To design and implement rural districts capacity building development programmes. To improve services to rural people. NGO Education

1540 Development Initiatives and Services Box 2605 Bulawayo (09) 61452 (09) 61452 Ayesha Huda NGO Education and Training

1462 Development Media Association 11 Bishop Gaul Avenue South off Kopje,Harare Box 5725,Harare (04) 733375-733402 (04) 733420 dialogue@baobabcszimco.zw Executive Director To provide information for the public on environment and sustainable development. NGO Education and Agriculture

200 Development Technology Centre Zimbabwe (DTC)* University of Zimbabwe Mount Pleasant,Harare Box MP 167 Mt. Pleasant,Harare (04) 303211/334257 (04) 333407 Executive Director University outreach and extension service conferred with technology transfer and people. University outreach and extension service conferred with technology transfer and people. NGO Education

1553 Directorate General for International Co-operation* Belgian Embassy,Tanganyika House,Union/3rd Street,Harare Box 2522,Harare (04) 700943/700955 (04)700976 belcoop@harare.iafrica.com Patrick De Bouck Poverty Alleviation and strengthening democracy and promoting good governance. Health,Education,Training,Agriculture,

1514 Dominican Convent Parent Association W.O. 49/69 Box 101 Harare NGO Education

589 Dondolo Mudonzvo Credit Scheme* 6 San Fernando Fife Avenue/Fifth Street Box 5589,Harare (04) 705679/730502 (04) 734420 Executive Director Y To offer women’s Organisations loans and other necessary assistance for development.To assist in monitoring and evaluation of Women’s projects. To assist in monitoring and evaluation of Women’s projects. NGO Women

1463 Dorothy Duncan Braille Library* 119 Fife Avenue 3rd/4th Street,Harare Box CY 1551 Causeway ,Harare (04) 251116 (04) 251117 chiedza@samara.co.zw Sr. Cathrine Jackson Provision of reading materials for the blind and partially sighted. NGO Education

491 Dorothy Duncan Centre FOR THE Blind and Physically Handicapped* W.O. 196/68 No 4 Cecil Road Greendale,Harare Box CY 1551 Causeway Harare (04) 495116 (04) 496667 F.G Capon To care for the blind and physically handicapped. NGO Training

DP FOUNDATION 27 Herbert Chitepo Cnr 1st Avenue, Bulawayo Box 1768,Bulawayo 09-882879-80/75123 /023 799 733/091 218 221 dpfound@telconet.co.zw/shque2002@yahoo.co.uk Advocacy, Busines Support, Capacity Building,Children,Cittizens rights, Civil Awareness, communication,community Dev, Education, Empowerment,Gender,HIV/AIDS,Information Dissemination, Minority rights Networking , NGO Networking,Poverty Alleviation,Rural development, Skills training

1503 Dream Foundation NGO Children

1464 Dzidzai Women’s Club Hauna Growth Point ,Hauna Box 26 ,Hauna (028) 396 Mrs Mazaiwana Skills training for empowering women to go into small scale enterprise. Provides food security and employment creation and looks at the plight of the women. NGO Women

1465 Early Childhood Avenues ECEC Project 16 Samora Machel Avenue,Harare Box 2000 ,Harare (040 721480 (04) 308846 bashton@mango.zw 4 Executive Director Trains mothers and school leavers to run play centres with community support, NGO Women and Children

104 Early Childhood Education and Care Section Ministry of Education & Culture Union Avenue,Harare Box 8022 Causeway,Harare (04) 734051/734055 Executive Officer Promote physical, emotional, cognitive, social creative and healthy development of children. Promote physical, emotional, cognitive, social creative and healthy development of children. NGO Health and Children

590 Early Start Association W.O. 26/77 Box 1128,Harare (04) 701269/721480 (04) 735163 bashton@mango.zw Executive Director Y To train domestic workers to look after children. NGO Children

572 Eastern Highlands Trust Murambi Drive,Mutare Box 530,Mutare (04) 64577 The Matron To provide health care for the aged. NGO Health

492 Ecumenical Development Co-operative Society (EDCS)* 7th floor Kopje Plaza,Jason Moyo Avenue,Harare Box 2340,Harare (04) 781195-6 (04) 781196 oikohre@id.co.zw/office.zw@oikiocredit.org Susanna Kuhudzayi To provide long term finance for investment projects. Provide an investment vehicle for churches to use to participate in development issues. NGO Education

39 Ecumenical Documentation and Information Centre for Eastern and Southern Africa 32 Winson Road,South Hatfield,Harare Box H94 Hatfield,Harare (04) 570311/2/57295/8/011 204 652 (04) 572979 Edicesa@mango.zw 14 Director NGO Human Rights, Women, Gender, Refugees, Training

982 Ecumenical Resource and Training 27 St Patrick Hatfield,Harare Box H 133 Hatfield,Harare (04) 572122/573073 Mrs Munaki Provides training in transformational courses for the benefit of the local people. NGO Training

1505 Ecumenical Support Services Box 152 Y Harare (04) 776627 Jonah Gokova NGO Women

1547 Ecuminical Document Services UA 7th Floor, Kopje,Harare (04) 781195 (04) 781196 NGO Training

582 Edith Duly Nursing Home W.O. 382/68 Coronation Cottages Complex, Queens Road, North End, Byo Box1149,Bulawayo (09) 45135 (09) 65769 Y NGO Health

505 Ekuphumuleni Geriatric Nursing Home W.O. 23/80 Stand No 7165 Old Falls Road Mzilikazi,Bulawayo Box 1667,Bulawayo (09) 76877 Executive Director Y To care for the elderly who have been discharged from the hospital. A convalescent centre for elderly people to provide home based care for the aged. NGO Health

1551 Embassy of Denmark 1st Floor,UDC Centre,59 Union Avenue,Harare Box 4711,Harare (04) 758185-8/759350-1 (04) 758189 Jette Kapijimpanga EMBASSY Donor Agency

1565 Embassy of Finland* 4 Duthie Avenue,Alexandra Park,Harare Box A 1080 Avondale,Harare (04) 751654/752931/750498/736614 (04) 757743/757744 finemb@id.co.zw EMBASSY

2086 Embassy of Israel Box CY 3191 Causeway Harare (04) 756808 (04) 756801 israel@iafrica.com Mandla Hadebe Embassy Funding

1571 Embassy of Switzerland 8 Lanark Road Belgravia,Harare Box 3440,Harare (04) 703997/8/721384 EMBASSY Funding

1564 Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany 14 Samora Machel Avenue,Harare Box 2168,Harare (04) 731955-8 Telex 24609 EMBASSY Funding

1569 Embassy of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) 3rd floor Red Bridge Eastgate Building 3rd/Robert Mugabe Avenue,Harare Box 4970,Harare (04) 756541-4 (040 756554 EMBASSY Funding

1570 Embassy of the State of Palestine 1 Fairbridge Avenue,Belgravia,Harare Box 3817,Harare (04) 725901/2 EMBASSY Funding

128 Emerald Hill Children’s Home* W.O. 183/68 38 Dorset Road East Emerald Hill,Harare Box EH 93 Emerald Hill, Harare (04) 336044/339282 (04) 339282 13 Sister -In -Charge Y Providing homely shelter for children in need of care,develop each child to full potential. Providing homely shelter for children in need of care,develop each child to full potential. NGO Orphans and children in difficult circumstances.

984 Empretec Zimbabwe 34 Lawson Avenue Milton Park Box 6738, Harare (04) 724221/702555/792288/703205 (04) 702554 empretec@harare.iafrica.com/martha@empretec.co.zw T Masiyiwa To assist in enterpreneurship development through training business advisory network. NGO Training

129 ENDA – Zimbabwe* W.O. 14/83 1 Waterfield Road Mount Pleasant,Harare Box 3492, Harare (04) 301024, 301156/62 (04) 301024/301156/62 enda-zw@harare.iafrica.com Managing Director Y To be the leading NGO in facilitating development opportunities and wealth creation. NGO Agriculture, Training, Resource Conservation, Community Development.

1466 Entembeni Homes Society ( Entembeni Old Peoples’ Home) W.O. 5/67 Stand 3076 Market road Luveve,Bulawayo Box 42 Luveve,Bulawayo (09) 521181 Matron Cater for the destitute old people of all races. Care for over 60’s of age. NGO NGO network, Geriatric Destitutes

322 Enterprise Works Zimbabwe Trust* 2 Central Avenue The Monument, Harare. (04) 796300 atz@icon.co.zw 7 Ernest Mupunga-Director Alleviate poverty enterprise development ,market linkage development business skills training development and disseminate appropriate technologies to small scale producers. Alleviate poverty,develop and disseminate appropriate technologies to small scale producer.. NGO Agriculture,Training

2065 Environment Africa 3 Durham Road Avondale West Harare Box A 639 Avondale Harare (04) 339691/302886 (04)339691 eafrica@utande.co.zw R Wild To facilitate programmes that empower individual communities to take up action ,linking and working together. NGO Rural Development And Women

59 Epilepsy Support Foundation W.O. 11/90 Old General Hospital – Mazowe Street Parirenyatwa Grounds,Harare Box A104Avondale, Harare (04) 724071 (04) 724071 4 Director Y To improve the quality of life of people living with epilepsy. Counselling, support, empowerment and skill training. NGO Health, Women, Gender, Training, Education

542 European Union 6th floor Construction House,Harare Mr Hassen DONOR Donor Agency

1550 European/Zimbabwe Commission* Construction House,Leopold Takawira Street,Harare Box 2840,Harare (04) 707120/39/43 (04) 725360 Mr K.Munyambi Works with some of the world poorest children,families and communities. DONOR Rural development ,Health,Education

983 Extension Service 114 Joseph Tongoona Street,Bulawayo Box AC 335 Ascot, Bulawayo (09) 78780 (09) 65756 extserve@byo.zol.co.zw Grace Nyoni To offer financial, technical, and training services. NGO Education,Training and Donor Agency

25 F.O.S. – Belgium* 3 Smit Crescent Eastlea,Harare Box 3117,Harare (04) 747841 (04) 747841 foshre@samara.co.zw 3 Regional Co-ordinator Support organisational development of under privileged groups of peasant farmers. Improves organisational strength.Uplifting of living conditions of peasants and urban workers. DONOR Agriculture, Trade Unions – Co-operatives, Advocacy

260 Fairfield Orphanage Box 7024,Mutare (120) 65148/64733 Mr S Mukwekwezi NGO Children

28 Fairways Homes for Aged Persons* W.O. 205/68 Bodle Avenue,Harare Box CY891,Causeway, Harare (04) 703243/4/792279 100 Secretary/Manager To provide residential accommodation for elderly people. To provide residential accommodation for elderly people. NGO Gender

985 Fambidzanai 4 Dovedale Road Stapleford Mt. Hampden,Harare Box CY 301 Causeway, Harare (04) 336151 (04) 726911 fambidzanai@mango.zw/zip@mango. George Kufa Trains people in sustainable agriculture and organic farming. A permaculture centre. NGO Agriculture

126 Family Aids Caring Trust (Chiredzi) 3246 Light Industrial Site Tshovani T/ship,Chiredzi Box 381,Chiredzi (031) 3002/3375/ 0312542 (031) 3002 factnet@mweb.co.zw/fact@mango.co.zw 2 To reduce the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Chiredzi and mitigate the impact of HIV infection. To prevent further HIV transmission among vulnerable adults. NGO Aids

2066 Family Aids Caring Trust Mutare 12 Robert Mugabe Road Mutare Box 970 Mutare (020) 67493/61648/66015 (020)65281 fact@mango.zw P. Chimhungwe Care for Aids victims and education for youths and communities. NGO Women and Children

283 Family Aids Caring Trusts Masvingo (FACT) W.O. 10/90 52 Robertson Street,Masvingo Box 221,Masvingo (039) 65677 (039) 65677 fact@mweb.co.zw/fact@mango.zw Executive Director To support people affected by the aids,to educate about the causes,effects and prevention. To offer counselling service to families affected by the aids virus. NGO Health

578 Family Counselling Unity 93 Central Avenue,Harare Box 6298, Harare Y NGO Gender

1509 Farm Community Trust of Zimbabwe* PVO 3/99 45 Glengary Avenue Highlands, Harare Box HG 690 Highlands ,Harare (04) 498326/498332/300920 (04) 497329 factz@mango.zw Mr Mason Matowa To empower farm communities and mainstream them into the national development agendas. NGO Community Development

1012 Farm Orphan Support Trust (FOST)* 1 Adylinn Rd MarboroughCommercial Farmers Union Complex (CFU) cnr Adylinn/Marbourough Drive Box WGT 390,Westgate, Harare (04) 309800 (04) 309869 fostharare@mango.zw Dr Sue Parry Solicits and facilitates the support for children in especially difficult circumstances,particulary orphans on commercial farms. Promotes community care for children without alternative care through the establishment of foster care schemmes. NGO Children

FAWEZI BOX BE 100 HARARE 04- 778180/2 778171

986 Federation of African Media Women Zimbabwe (FAMWZ)* 102, Samora Machel Avenue, West, Harare Box UA 439 Union Avenue, Harare (04) 771071/756466-7 (04) 770480 famwsz@samara.co.zw Doreen Mukwena Y Information dissemination Training for media women. NGO Women and Media

178 Food and Agriculture Organisation of United Nations (FAO)* 6th Floor Old Mutual Centre Jason Moyo Avenue/3rd Street Harare Box 3730,Harare (04) 252015/790286 (04) 700724/703497 FAO-SAFR-REGISTRY@fao.org V Sekitoleko Lead agency for rural development within UN. Concerned to promote food security. Lead agency for rural development within UN. Concerned to promote food security. DONOR Agriculture, Information and Research

1500 Food and Nutrition Association of Zimbabwe (FANAZ) W.O. 34/81 Box MP 167 Mount Pleasant,Harare (04) 303211 (04) 303214 Executive Director Promoting co-operation in the study of food production,processing and nutrition. NGO Education

987 Forces Reliance Co-operative 115 Fife Avenue /3rd Street,Harare Box HG 367 Highlands,Harare (04) 723724/796265 Ms Thandi A co-operative responsible for providing soft loans to members in serious financial troubles. DONOR Donor Agency

1562 Ford Foundation Braamfontein 2017,Johannesburg,South Africa. Box 30953,South Africa. (27-11) 403-5912 (27-11) 403-1575 R.Fehnel@FordFoundation.Org Richard A. Fehnel DONOR Donor

1559 Forum for Women Educators (FWE) Box MP 1058 Mount Pleasant,Harare (04) 741773 (04) 752499/790923 Solomon D.Nyoni NGO Women

30 Forum Syd (Swedish NGO Centre) 120 Union Avenue,Harare (04) 795379 (04) 720049 forumsyd@harare.iafrica.com 5 Field Director Int-NGO Health, Women, Gender, Water & Sanitation

127 Forward in Faith Children’s Home W.O. 11/80 14 George Silundika Street,Mutare Box 623,Mutare (020) 61634 Warden To develop the child mentally,physically and spiritually to become responsible citizens. Children to grow in a home environment.To enable children realise their full potentials. NGO Caring for destitute children in most cases by institutionalisation

Fosenet 746402/091252521

218 Freedom to the Disabled Person in Zimbabwe c/o House Number 931B Dangamvura, Mutare (020) 61810 Mrs Norah Maswa Help disabled people to Be self reliant by training them in skills such as poultry, shoe making. Help disabled people to be self reliant by training them in skills such as poultry, shoe making. NGO Training

547 Friedrich Ebert Foundation 6 Ross Avenue Belgravia, Harare Box 4720, Harare (04) 705587/723866 (04) 723867 feszim@africaonline.co.zw Executive Director Political and civic education in the democratic spirits of persons from all walks of life. Fostering International understanding including partnerships with developing countries. DONOR Training

548 Friedrich Naumaun Foundation* 5 Bath Road,Belgravia ,Harare Box CY 297 Causeway, Harare (04) 790610/793445/730515 (04) 793446 moyo@harare.iafrica.com Executive Director Funding small scale enterprises projects and divisions of mass media communications. DONOR Training

Futures Group -Zimbabwe Aids Policy & Advocacy (ZAPA) Agriculture House ( North West Wing) 1 Adylinn Road, Marlborough, Harare Box A 1050 Avondale Harare (04) 309855-9 (04) 309860 futuresgroup@fgzapa.org.zw The Executive Director To mitigate the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Zimbabwe through advocacy efforts and activites to create an enbling policy enviroment geared towards the elimination of the epidemic DONOR Advocacy, Civil Awareness, HIV/AIDS, Media, Women

GAPWUZ Box 1952 Harare

156 Garden Park Trust* W.O. 35/70 3 St Lukes Road Ascot,Bulawayo Box AC 95, Ascot, Bulawayo (04) 09-74049 32 Superintendent Help disabled people to Be self reliant by training them in skills such as poultry, shoe making. Retirement Home person over 65. NGO Old Age Retirement Home

988 Gate House Training Centre Paradise B Estate Carrington Avenue Paradise Marondera Box 454, Marondera (079) 23248 (079) 24279 A. James Rehabilitation of children and skills training in handicrafts. Training for self sustainability. NGO Children

324 Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) 35 Colenbrander Road Milton Park,Harare Bag A 6131 Avondale,Harare (04) 741736 (04) 740614 galz@mweb.co.zw 3 Programmes Manager Gay rights are human rights Strive for the attainment of full equal rights and the removal of all forms of discrimination. NGO Human Rights, Gender, and Health

155 George Fleming House W.O. 2/81 232 Herbert Chitepo Avenue,Harare Box CY5 Causeway,Harare (04) 723141 22 Lady Warden Y To provide shelter and affordable accommodation for young ladies. NGO Women

1552 German Embassy 14 Samora Machel Avenue,Harare Box 2168,Harare (04) 731955/8 Gisela Truckenbrocht EMBASSY Donor Agency

989 German Technical Co-operation 81 Central Avenue,Harare Box 2406, Harare (04) 720991 (04) 720991 Mrs Baehr Provides informal sector and resource networking and business training. Improving work opportunities through better access to public funded contracts. Int-NGO Training

309 Germany Agency for Technical Co-operation (GTZ) 1 Orange Groove Drive, Highlands,Harare Box 2406,Harare (04) 496723-4/669625 (04) 495628/669625 vambe.gtz-zimbabwe@zw.gtz.de. Executive Director To ensure that poor people’s basic needs will be satisfied. To develop a viable economy and social diversity and to promote regional co-operation. NGO Gender

1467 Germany Development Service (DED) 2, Morecambe Avenue/Bishops Road, Belvedere, Harare Box 3362, Harare (04) 741187/741649 (04) 741683 ded@dedsim.co.zw 40 Barbara Weber To support projects and NGO’S financially. DONOR Funding

549 Germany Volunteer Service 124 Union Avenue,Harare Box 3362, Harare (04) 736799 (04) 702557 Executive Director To promote programmes which improve the living conditions of the population. Int-NGO Training

Girl Child Network 131 Duri road Seke Chitungwiza (070) 31132/21509 (070 31132 gcn@africaonline.co.zw

Glen Forest Developement Centre Glen Forest Rd, Joan Rankine Clinic, Borrowdale, Harare Box 46 Borrowdale Harare (04) 862074 091 241 307 Poul Brandrup

199 Glen Forest Training Centre (GFTC)* W.O.39/84 Lot 2 Torfell Close off Glen Forest Road Borrowdale,Harare Box BW 309 Borrowdale,Harare (04) 887061/5/860972 Training Manager Y To encourage rural development through training. To encourage practical skills to enable development in rural areas. NGO Training

Goal – Zimbabwe 22 Cleveland Avenue, Milton Park, Harare Box 4370, Harare 798603/5 goal@mweb.co.zw

161 Gracious Women’s Fellowship International* Room 129 – 1st Floor Dublin House Mbuya Nehanda Street,Harare Box 1986,Harare (04) 751546/5 (04) 737386 Executive Director-Director Being an Anti divorce group to educate women and man to recognise their roles in the homes.Raising the standards of women Being an Anti divorce group to educate women and man to recognise their roles in the homes. NGO Women

125 Grassroots Performing Arts Project 97A Lobengula Street,Bulawayo Box 3036,Bulawayo (09) 76482 (09) 68931 13 Director To provide the best service in theatre for development, through workshopsand training. Use community based theatre to educate and inform communities about contemporary life. Int-NGO Aids, Human Rights, Health, Education, Literacy, Women, Gender, Forestry, Training, Resource Conservation.

524 Guadelupe Association 70 Central Avenue, Harare (04) 496958 Executive Director Int-NGO Children

Gweru Legal Projects Centre Box 1470, Gweru (054) 21665/24507 (054) 23147 glpc@adtech.co.zw

1459 Gutu Rural Environment Development Association (GREDA) W.O. 01/96 Stand number 301 Hwiru Mpandawana,Gutu Box 88,Mpandawana (030) 640 (030) 562 Jadua Maridza To alleviate poverty and hunger in the Gutu grassroots people by facilitating agro-foods. NGO Training, Education,Agriculture.

1468 Habitat for Humanity International* PVO 3/98 1 Bodle Avenue Alexander Court, Eastlea,Harare Box CY 789 Causeway Harare (04) 795010/732998 (04) 732998 hfhzim@icon.co.zw 10 E.E. Namsenmon-Nkoa Provides decent and affordable accommodation for the poor in need of shelter. Installs boreholes in needy areas. NGO Agriculture

154 Harare Children’s Home W.O. 24/67 2 Daventry Road Eastlea,Harare Box 1008,Harare (04) 731505/6 27 Director To honour, serve and protect children’s rights. The reception and care of necessitous children of either sex regardless of religious dinomination. Int-NGO Children’s Welfare

1469 Harare Legal Projects Centre 5th floor Blue Bridge, Eastgate,Harare (04) 728211 (04) 794656 irfhre@mailpc.co.zw Executive Director Provides legal aid and education. NGO Education

31 Harare Shelter for Destitute W.O. 3/87 8 George Avenue Masasa,Harare Box CY1308, Causeway,Harare (04) 486825 (04) 486189 amins@zol.co.zw 2 Shelter/Skill Training Envious to help the destitute thereby supplementing the government social programmes. Shelter home,skill training programme,job creation and counselling. NGO Agriculture, Literacy, Aids, Women, Education, Training

1595 Harare Street Children’s Organisation 11 Luck Street, Harare Box 6952, Harare (04) 781890 (04) 75110 justkids@mango.zw 9 Executive Director Rehabilitation of street kids. NGO Children

Health Guard Foundation (HGF) trust deed # 138 C/O ChristopherMurina, 8 Samuriwo

214 Heart Foundation of Zimbabwe (HFZ) B Floor Parirenyatwa Hospital,Harare Box BW221 Borrowdale,Harare (04) 739483 Executive Director Training personnel,purchase of vital training equipment.clinical research and education. Training personnel,purchase of vital training equipment.clinical research and education. NGO Health

1534 Heifer Project International* 84 10th Street,Gweru Box 855 Gweru (054) 25123/011 403 446 (054) 21640 office@heiferzim.co.zw, hpi@icon.co.zw Fighting hunger and poverty while improving the environment through distributing food and income generating livestock,training. NGO Agriculture,Environment and Gender

179 Help-Age Zimbabwe* W.O. 11/89 32 Hillside Road Hillside,Harare Box CY 2032 Causeway,Harare (04) 747236/747697-8/ (04) 747748 Helpage@africaonline.co.zw Director Y Assists destitute elderly people,refugees through relief aid health care and community based development programmes. Assist the refugees.upraise and promote, develop and support elderly. NGO Refugees, Health

1522 Hillside Nursery School W.O. 16/74 Cnr Cecil/Limdrick Road Hillside Bulawayo Executive Director NGO Children

124 Hlekweni Friends Rural Service Centre* W.O. 16/76 Valindre Farm 12 km along Bulawayo /plumtree Road Box 708,Bulawayo (09) 479888/011 631 646 (09) 479888 Hlekweni@telconet.co.zw 25 Director Y To be a dynamic organisation that provides high quality skills training and services. NGO Training

103 Holland’s Committee on Southern Africa Box 2000,Harare To provide environment and health information to educational institutions. To provide environment and health information to educational institutions. NGO Health

184 Housing People of Zimbabwe* W.O. 14/92 264 Chiremba Road,Hatfield Box CY2686 Causeway,Harare (04) 570803-833 (04) 570620 hpz@samara.co.zw 11 Executive Director Y To work in partnership with housing co-operatives to develop communities. To put effective and efficient housing co-operatives management in place. NGO Training, Housing provision of technical services

1594 Human Rights Research and Documentation Trust of Southern Africa (HRRDTRSA)* 24 Sandringham Drive Alexandra Park, Harare Box CY 2448 Causeway, Harare (04) 745623-4 (04) 744124 hrrdsta@africaonline.co.zw Executive Director Facilitates the development of a society that respects human rights by mainstreaming human rights into public institutions and fostering a culture that promotes and protects human rights . Trust Children

97 Human Rights Research and Documentation Trust* 24 Sandringham Drive Alexandra Park,Harare Box CY2448 Causeway, Harare (04) 745623/4 (04) 744124 hrrdtsa@africaonline.co.zw Phillip Matsheza The best in research, training and advocacy. NGO Human Rights, Training

167 Humanistic Institute of Development Co-operation with Developing Country (HIVOS)* 20 Phillips Avenue Belgravia,Harare Box 2227,Harare (04) 706704 Director Eradication of poverty. Networking and information Sharing To support with donations,loans development projects and programmes. DONOR Enviroment ,Sustainable development,Women,Aids

ICA 705197

471 Ida Wekwako Old Aged Home Welfare Organisation W.O. 23/77 1402-03 Mzeki way, Dombotombo Town ship, Marondera Box 43, Marondera (079) 24492 Executive Director Y To reach out and cater to the needs of the elderly destitutes To help through outreach programmes,the less fortunate members of the community. NGO Community Development, Culture, Elderly , Poverty alleviatio0n, Religion

170 Indigenous Business Development Centre (IBDC) 46 Central Avenue/Fifth Street,Harare Box 3331, Harare (04) 723163 Director Y To stimulate sustainable economic growth and creating employment. To stimulate sustainable economic growth and creating employment. NGO Training

1470 Indigenous Business Women’s Organisation * 73b Central Avenue,Harare Box 3710 Harare (04) 702076-7 (04) 702079 3 Mrs J Mutasa Wealth creation for the women through economic empowerment. Women economic empowerment . NGO Women

152 Informal Sector Training and Resource Network(ISTARN)* c/o Masvingo Technical College,Beitbridge Road,Masvingo Box 800,Masvingo. (039) 52290 (039) 52301 13 Project Co-ordinator To harness and utilise technological, human material and physical resources. To promote employment opportunities in Masvingo Province. NGO Training

247 Institute of Personnel Management* W.O. 8/65 2nd Floor -3rd Block 1 Union Avenue,Harare Box UA 336 Union Avenue, Harare (04) 755241-4 ipmz@harare.iafrica.com Executive Director Y To promote research in personnel management,To define codes of sound principles. To promote research in personnel management,To define codes of sound principles. NGO Education

300 Inter -Regional Meeting of Bishops of Southern Africa (IMBISA) 88 Broadlands Road Marlborough,Harare Box EH 99 Emerald Hill Harare (04) 336775/336908 (04) 336909 IMBISA@MANGO.ZW Executive Director To effect and maintain liaison between the Episcopal Conferences of Southern Africa. To provide the said conferences with facilities of consultation and pastoral action. NGO Education

7 Inter-Country People’s Aid (IPA)* W.O. 13/94 36 Victoria Drive,Highlands,Harare Box CY2008 Causeway, Harare (04) 776818/304 (04) 776304/818 astrid@ipa.icon.co.zw 12 Director Y Pre-schools /education,crisis management,water and sanitation,health,income generation.To create opportunities for marginalised children, women and men to pursue a better future. Pre-schools /education,crisis management,water and sanitation,health,income generation. NGO Health, Literacy, Women, Education, Training

1474 Interdenominational Aids Committee Box HG 100 Highlands, Harare (04) 776438 (04) 776786/88/93 Dr S. Faraq Leads of Christian denominations. NGO Education

1471 Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG) 2nd Avenue,Mutare Box 1637, Mutare (020) 67606 itdg@samara.co.zw 35 Mr K Murwira Strengthening the ability of small scale producers to manage and organise their business. NGO Agriculture

20 Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG) W.O. 247/257 4 Ludlow Road, Newlands, Harare Box 1744,Harare 788152/776107 (04) 771030 itdg@samara.co.zw 36 Director Y Poverty alleviation through interventions, which increase technological options to small producers Int-NGO Agriculture, Energy, Women, Resource Conservation

International Associstion of Agricultural students of Zimbabwe P.O Box MP167, 04 – 303211/011 411 131/091 226 934 IAAS_Zimbabwe@yahoo.com The Director To promote the exchange of experience, knowledge, and ideas to imprvove the mutual understanding between students in the field of agricuture and related sciences form all over the world to benefit mankind. NGO Agriculture, Education

24 International Catholic Migration Commission Alexander Court 1 Bodle Avenue Eastlea,Harare Box CY1520 Causeway,Harare (04) 731844/011 209 307 (04) 793591 icmchro@africaonline.co.zw 10 Director To work for the refugees internally displaced people and migrants. Advocating for the groups above,providing technical,financial support. Int-NGO Refugees

153 International Co-operation for Development 8 Hyde Road Belvedere,Harare Box 4572,Harare (04) 741115 (04) 741559 ciir@zimsurf.co.zw 4 Country Representative Y Supporting developing countries in their struggle for a fairer distribution of power and wealth. Support to disability movements,support for food security. Int-NGO Human Rights, Health, Gender

76 International Labour Organisation (ILO) 101Union Avenue between 3rd/4th Street,Harare Box 3474,Harare (04) 793285/6 (04) 793287 secretariat@ilosyb.co.zw 11 Chief Technical Advisor Assist entrepreneurs to start and run their businesses. Assist entrepreneurs to start and run their businesses. DONOR Training

550 International Livestock Centre for Africa (ILCA) 2 Bath Road Belgravia,Harare Box 3211 ,Harare (04) 706245-6 Executive Director To assist the efforts of countries in tropical Africa to increase the sustained yield and output. To improve the quality of life of the people in this region. DONOR Training and Wildlife

262 International Voluntary Services (IVS) 3 Durham Road Avondale West,Harare Box 8186Causeway,Harare (04) 339691 (04) 339691 Executive Director Y Focus on food security at rural household level based on regional priority. NGO Agriculture

1472 IRED (Development Innovation and Networks)* 1 Harvey Brown Ave, Milton Park, Harare Box Cy 3 Causeway, Harare (04) 799597 (04) 741459 IRED@Africaonline.co.zw 10 Shorai Rwenyu To create together with organisations dedicated to social economic and political change a vibrant movement to leverage change based on the analysis and proposals generated by people at all Levels. To train NGO and PO staff in policy research analysis and Advocacy. NGO Agriculture

14 Island Hospice & Bereavement Service* W.O. 27/79 5 lezard Avenue, Milton Park , Harare Box CY 7Causeway,Harare (04) 701674-7 (04) 735488 island@africaonline.co.zw Director Y To provide physical,emotional,social,spiritual care and support primarily at home. To provide comprehensive and therapeutic service for the bereaved. NGO Health, Aids, Terminally ill & Bereaved

1563 Israel Embassy 3 Anchor House 6th floor,Harare Box CY 3191,Causeway ,Harare (04) 756808 EMBASSY Funding

120 IUCN – The World Conservation Union 6 Lanark Road Belgravia,Harare Box 745,Harare (04) 706261 (04) 720738 postmaster@iucnrosa.org.zw 35 Programme Co-ordinator Facilitate and strengthen an integrated approach to natural resources. To promote the conservation of biodiversity.To advocate for sustainable land use. Int-NGO Water and Sanitation, Resource Conservation

55 Jairos Jiri Association W.O. 17/67 4th Floor Southampton House, cnr Main Street/9th Avenue,Bulawayo Box 1529,Bulawayo (09) 74331-2 (04) 743333 jja@telconet.co.zw 700 National Executive Director Y Rehabilitation of disabled and blind. Agriculture production,training development of resources,students,and education of pupils. NGO Agriculture, Literacy, Health, Education

205 Jairos Jiri Association – Masvingo Makuva Street Mucheke,Masvingo Box 534,Masvingo Manager Rehabilitation of the disabled to make them self reliant. Rehabilitation of the disabled to make them self reliant. NGO Gender

992 Japan International Co-operation Agency* Southampton life Centre 8 th floor ,77 Jason Moyo Avenue Harare Box 4060, Harare (04) 252500-2/5 (04) 790635 jicazim@samara.co.zw Resident Representative Human resources development/technology transfer through technical training,dispatch of experts and volunteers,equipment provision and community empowerment. Assists in the building of bridges in non-rural areas,provides training equipment. DONOR Health,Environment,Water,Agriculture and Industry.

19 Jekesa Pfungwa / Vulingqondo* W.O. 100/68 44 Logan Road Hatfield,Harare Box CY 2811, Causeway, Harare 570846 (04) 572024 jekesa@africaonline.co.zw 29 Mrs B. Jambaya Y To empower women economically, politically and socially through training,extension and awareness so that these women and their families gain greater control over their lives, To improve the nutritional status of women and increase the food security of their families. NGO Agriculture, Aids, Health, Women, Gender, Environment

173 Jesuit Refugee Services 29 – 31,Selous Avenue Africa,Synod House,Harare Box CY 284,Causeway,Harare (04) 708998 (04) 724971 southern.africa@jesref.org Regional Director Assisting refugees in education,providing food and accommodation and health. Assisting refugees in education,providing food and accommodation and health. Int-NGO Refugees

323 John Mutikizizi Old People’s Home Mutikitizi kraal Bikita,Masvingo Box 93 Nyika,Bikita (039) 3756 Bishop Mutikizizi Provides shelter for the aged. NGO Gender

1004 John Smale Children’s Home Box 8511 Belmont,Bulawayo (09) 65567 Executive Director NGO Children

1535 Joy Care Centre NGO Children

526 Just Children Foundation 96 Merwede Road/ 11 Luck Street, Harare Box 66419 Kopje, Harare 781890/749398/211727 justkids@mango.zw Executive Director NGO Children

Justice for Children Trust 17 Elgine Raod, Hatfiel 091 368 615

46 Kadoma Benevolent Association W.O. 8/77 Kuredza School,Kadoma Kuredza School P.O.Kadoma Executive Director To care for the destitute,aged and orphans NGO Children and Women

8 Kajiwa Development & Co-ordinating Association W.O. 10/89 Stand No 211Chinzanga Local Gvt Mutoko Centre, Mutoko Private, Bag 505,Mutoko (072) 2796/2293 (072) 2796 5 Director Y To promote the establishment of community based groups in Mutoko. Link grassroots groups to local authorities,provide technical assistance to member groups. NGO Agriculture, Literacy, Women, Gender, Training, Sanitation

121 Kariba Aids Network* District Hospital,Kariba Box 95,Kariba (061) 2382-3 (061) 2384 Miss. Finlay & F. Mudimu Preventative health education,counselling,homecare,orphan care,community participation. Preventative health education, counselling, homecare, orphan care, community participation. Umbrella-NGO Health, Aids, Education, Training, Water and Sanitation.

539 Kellogg Foundation (relocated to South Africa) 10th Floor, Kopje Plaza, 1, Jason Moyo Avenue, Harare Box CY 1677 Causeway, Harare (04) 775005/6/7/8 (04) 775030 rem@wkkf.org Mrs. Mahlunge DONOR Funding Agency

1005 Khayelihle Children’s Village* Box FM 549 Famona, Bulawayo (09) 76144 (09) 76144 kev@telconet.co.zw Executive Director To provide through residential and community care the physical,educational,medical,social and spiritual needs of the children that have been orphaned of abandoned. NGO Children

King George VI Rehabilitation Centre George Avenue Khumalo,Bulawayo (next door to the meteorological Station) Box AC 80 Ascot, Bulawayo (09) 230434/5/255323 (direct line Project Manager) 023 752 437 (emergency and Admin Manager) 09-230307 (direct Acting sister-in-charge) (09) 230434/5 kgb@ecobweb.co.zw To facilitate the physically disabled and hearing impaired child with untimited access to the highset possible standard of education, while at the same time administering the highest possible standard to hilistic therapy to the same child in an environment structures to cater for the chid’s specific needs. To train and equip the same to the highest possible standard in the art of independent living within and out the institution. Academic,Advocacy,disability, Children, Education, training Vocational,Youth, Medical Rehabilitation

Kingdom Support and Development Trust MA 647/2003 Stand No 8265/210 4th Street, Kuwadzana 3 Box 66452, kopje, Harare (04) 210053/ 091 745 451/023 257 183 Rev Briton Tembo

190 Konrad Adenauer Foundation* W.O. 27/91 1 Downie Avenue Belgravia,Harare Box 4325 Harare /703327/700418 kas@samara.co.zw Improving the living standards of people. NGO Research & Information

Kufunda Village MA 1151/2003 Twentydales Road( 4Kms after Mbizi Game Park), Ruwa Box 963, harare (04) 575494/023 411 102 (04) 575494 marianne@kufunda.org/www.kufunda.org To develop self-reliant creative communities through nurturing the development of self-reliance and creativity in the individuals groups of thosae communities.

KUIYSAP BOX DRK 74 Dzivarasekwa 04-210697/217511/011 725 397 kuiysap@mango.zw

588 Kukura Neshungu Box 309, Marondera Y NGO Children

92 Kunzwana Women’s Association 1 Chiremba Road, Hillside, Harare Box AY 302 Amby,Harare (04) 747190/492836 kwa@africaonline.co.zw Mrs Emma Mahlunge Disseminating information through distribution of materials and educational workshops. NGO Education, Information and Networking

196 Kushanda Dissemination Project Box 647,Marondera (079) 4698 To train mothers from village and farm communities in early childhood education land care. To train mothers from village and farm communities in early childhood education land care. NGO Information and Networking

1006 Kwekwe Aids Action Group Box 302 ,Kwekwe (055) 2119 (055) 4092 Executive Director NGO Children

1473 Kwekwe Crafts 4th Street,Kwekwe Box 723, Kwekwe Executive Director Assist women by improving their social welfare through income generation projects. NGO Women

480 Kwekwe Hunger Relief Committee W.O. 15/88 1,Third Street,Kwekwe Box 176 ,Kwekwe (055) 2463 Executive Director To identify and assist those in the community in need of food, or clothing. NGO Human rights, Gender

122 KweKwe Women’s Institute Box 46, Kwekwe Chairman We are an international organisation for women promoting home and country affairs. We are an international organisation for women promoting home and country affairs. Int-NGO Agriculture, Aids, Human Rights, Water & Sanitation, Health, Population, Education Literacy, Women, Forestry, Training, Wildlife

2 La Leche League Zimbabwe W.O. 23/79 Plot 21Stoford Road,Tynwald,Harare Box BE189 Belvedere,Harare (04) 228867 5 District Co-ordinator Y We offer breast feeding, education, support and encouragement to all women. To support,encourage and educate all women who breastfeed. Int-NGO Health, Women

527 Leaders International Box A 1120 Avondale, Harare (04) 308589 Executive Director NGO Children

551 Legal Aid Clinic Faculty of Law University of Zimbabwe Grounds,Harare Box MP 167 Mt. Pleasant, Harare (04) 303211 ext 1496 (04) 728489 Executive Director To help students to have an idea of dealing with the cases they are doing in class. NGO Training

123 Legal Resources Foundation W.O. 41/84 5th Floor Blue Bridge,Eastgate,Harare (04) 251170-4 (04) 728213 90 National Director To encourage a democratic environment, law respect for human rights. Undertaking programmes which empower disadvantaged people to use the legal system,improving the quality of justice for al in Zimbabwe. Increasing legal awareness in Zimbabwe, particularly among the disadvantaged. Creating a positive input to legisla NGO Human Rights

83 Liaison Committee and National Women’s Organisations c/o Cottage 74-9 Ridgeway North Chisipite,Harare 011 206 262 1 Umbrella-NGO Women

176 Life Sowing Ministries 721 Msasa Drive Chiredzi P.O Box 17 Chiredzi, Harare (131) 3010/2856/3371 (131) 3346 780683 life@crz.zol.co.zw Director Y Helping small and medium enterprises to develop sound projects. Helping small and medium enterprises to develop sound projects. NGO Training

Light House Foundation 09-72581

74 Lions Club of Kwekwe Bursary W.O. 28/75 Box 536,Kwekwe (055) 22945 Hon. Secretary Provide annual bursary to one or more students at University level. Provide annual bursary to one or more students at University level. NGO Education

325 Lions Club of Mutare 59 Third Street,Mutare Box 557,Mutare Executive Director Humanitarian organisation that considers almost anything,but very dependant upon fund-raising. Humanitarian organisation that considers almost anything,but very dependant upon fund-raising. Int-NGO Human Rights

528 Lovemore Home 8 Lovemore Avenue Cranborne, Harare (04) 742444 Executive Director NGO Children

217 Lutheran Development Service 1054 Cnr . Sam Munjoma Street Extension Corner Harare Drive Box 988,Harare (04) 301066-8 (04) 570675 iwfzim@baobab.cszim.co.zw Director NGO Donor Agency

2093 Lutheran World Federation* 564 Rhodes Avenue,Zvishavane P. Bag 688 Zvishavane ( ) 3656-7

1007 Madzimbabwe Art Project Box 4355,Harare (04) 751705 Annie Sinclair NGO Children

993 Makina Carey Trust* 159 Manresa Way Mabvuku,Harare Box GD 895 Greendale,Harare (04) 300083 (04) 300083 Jude Carey To empower women through a holistic approach. To provide skills for women to upgrade their lives. NGO Women

1008 Makumbi Children Home Box 4230,Harare (04) 883913 Executive Director NGO Children

1009 Mama Nursery and Pre-school 2 Cudmore Road Ashbrittle,Harare (04) 304483 011-604-181 Executive Director NGO Children

1507 Management and Organisations Development Services 48 Mc Chlery Avenue Eastlea Harare (04) 746188 (04) 746188 Mr E. Masimba NGO Education and Training

312 Manicaland Development Association W.O. 16/81 128 Herbert Chitepo Way,Mutare Box 976,Mutare ( 60013/62387 (04) 61813 mda@telco.co.zw Programme Manager Y To enhance the social and economic uplift of rural communities in Manicaland Province. Raise awareness on civil issues, Assist communities to engage in business projects. NGO Resource Conservation

Manhinga Children’s Home – Village P. Bag 8123, Rusape (029) 2380/ 011 748 570 Children, Orphan Care

552 Marist Camp W.O. 22/74 Kutama Mission,Norton Box 231 Kutama, Norton (062) 2163 Executive Director To love kids from broken families. NGO Children

291 Marriage Guidance Society W.O. 19/67 52 Baines Avenue Medical Centre (Room 43),Harare (04) 722400 Executive Director To provide a marriage counselling service. To act as a centre for information to safeguarding marriage and the family unit. NGO Gender

529 Marriage Ministries International 57 Marlborough Drive,Harare (04) 309097 Executive Director NGO Children

84 Mashambanzou Care Trust* W.O. 9/90 40 Sandown Road Waterfalls,Harare (04) 610937/610079 (04) 610079 8 S Magret To help alleviate the suffering and isolation experienced by many HIV. To help alleviate the suffering and isolation experienced by many HIV. NGO Health,Aids,

Masiye Camp 98A fife street ,Salvation Army Complex, Bulawayo (09) 60727/880834

994 Mastertom Cheshire Home* W.O. 36/80 85 Baines Avenue,Harare (04) 723611 (04) 723611 Mr Mupfekeri Education and rehabilitation of the disabled adults. NGO Education

995 Matabeleland Development Foundation W.O 21/88 42 Fort Street,Bulawayo Box 1652 ,Bulawayo (09) 60510 (09) 60510 Chairman To offer financial and technical support. NGO Women and Children

313 Matebeleland Aids Council* W.O. 8/90 97A Josiah Tongogara Street,Bulawayo Box 1280,Bulawayo (09) 62370/61540 (09) 61540 linda.mac@telconet.co.zw 15 Executive Director Y To support people living with aids (HIV) and their families and to control the impact of HIV. Aims to achieve this by providing counselling, information, and educational services. NGO Health and Aids

257 Matthew Rusike Children’s Home W.O. 463/68 Box H99 Hatfield,Harare 04 577961/091 311 529 matthew_rusike@yahoo.com/mapurisa2002@yahoo.co.uk Mr Mangove Y NGO Children

267 Media for Development Trust* W.O. 23/89 19 Van Praagh Avenue, Milton Park, Harare Box 6755,Harare (04) 701323/4 (04) 729066 sales@mfd.co.zw 12 Executive Director Y Training of local personnel in film production , Production of development related films. Distribution of development media,Promotion of local film /video industry. NGO Education, Training and Media distribution

77 Media Institute of Southern Africa* 84 Maclery Eastlea Harare Box 4708 ,Harare (04) 776165/746838735441/2 (04) 733486 misa@icon.co.zw/misa@mweb.co.zw 3 National Director To promote media freedom and enhance independent and ethical journalism. To monitor media freedom violations. To promote public awareness of media freedom. NGO Training, Media organisations

1516 Medic Alert Foundation W.O. 20/83 Box 689 Harare NGO Health

1491 Medical Research Society of Zimbabwe W.O. 30/80 Cnr Josiah Chinamano/Mazoe Street,Harare Box CY 573 Causeway,Harare (04) 791792 Executive Director NGO Health

326 Medicus Mundi Belgium 47 Lawson Avenue Milton Park,Harare Box 5716,Harare (04) 727744 (04) 790435 gmmb@africaonline.co.zw 2 Gill Boeckmans Y Strengthen the district health system in order to improve management and health service. Strengthen the capacity of district health authorities to manage and improve their health services. Int-NGO Health

553 Methodist Women’s Association (RUWADZANO) W.O. 464/68 Central Avenue/3rd Street Trinity Methodist Office Harare Box H 100 Hatfield, Harare (04) 707788(morn)/521071(evng) To promote fellowship amongst women in all areas. To be aware of the need of others, to support each other in a Christian movement. NGO Women

950 Micro and small scale Enterprises Promotion Programme (MISSEP) Room 801 Fidelity Life Centre,11th Avenue/fife street Bulawayo Same as physical (09) 76407/8 (09) 76373 Executive Director Strives to fight poverty by promoting business activities and improved living conditions. NGO Poverty Alleviation, Women and Children

68 Midlands Academy of Music* W.O. 11/86 2230 Robert Mugabe Way,Gweru Box 433,Gweru (054) 26294 (054) 24041 srutsate@hotmail.com 2 Dillion Banda Encourage all forms of Music Art and to combine with other existing bodies in the futherance of Music Arts. Encourage art, ballet and other existing bodies in the furtherance of the aforementioned arts. NGO Music Education

151 Midlands Aids Service Organisation (MASO)* W.O. 18/91 30 B 7th Street,Gweru Box 880,Gweru (054) 21937/21029/011 403 750 (054)25237 maso@adtech.co.zw 9 Chief Executive Officer To educate,counsel,support and,promote self help projects. To educate,counsel,support and,promote self help projects. NGO Aids, Training,Home Care and Orphans

481 Midlands Children’s Home W.O. 16/67 Stand No 2091 Parklane Avenue,Gweru Box 1276, Gweru (054) 3325 Executive Director Y To look after orphans and destitute children. NGO Children

554 Molisv 47 Speke Avenue, Harare Box 4994 ,Harare (04) 791561 Executive Director To promote self sustained development in developing countries. Int-NGO Agriculture,Education,and Water

503 Morgenster School for the Deaf (RCZ) W.O. 32/80 Morgenster Mission,Masvingo Box Morgenster, Masvingo (039) 30631 Executive Director To educate the handicapped to be useful citizens. To intergrate the deaf into the society, and to train the handicapped in different skills. NGO Literacy and Gender

219 MOSTRUD Zimbabwe* Pine Street Extension Marondera Box 669,Marondera (079) 23345/23667 (079) 23942 Mostrud@africaonline.co.zw Executive Director Y To help by counselling of groups and conducting of feasibility studies. To help by counselling of groups and conducting of feasibility studies. NGO Education and Training

Mother Of Peace Orphanage Community (M.O. P) Ms Jean Cornneck, Ms Stella Cornneck ( Administrators) Box 310, Mutoko (072) 2345/ (072) 2998 MotherofPeaceOrpahnage@hotmail.com To provide care, love, nutrition, healthcare and education to the 165 Chilren currnetly reffered to our care in a culturally appropriate enviroment. While we are dependant upon the danations of well-wishers, our mission is alos to improve our darming operations to achieveself-sufficiency. NGO Children/Youth, Advocacy Agrculture, Community Dev, Food relief, Education, HIV;/AIDS , Skills training

150 MS- Zimbabwe (Danish Association for International Co-operation)* 122 Union Avenue,Harare Box 2542,Harare (04) 253145-8 (04) 253277 mszim@icon.co.zw 14 Country Director Contribute to the development of local human resources in the countries where MS is involved. Contribute to the development of local human resources in the countries where MS is involved. Int-NGO Agriculture, Human Rights, Health, Gender,Training, Resource Conservation

472 Mt. Melleray Mission Orphanage Mt. Melleray Mission,Nyanga Box 2008,Nyanga (0298) 21813/21815 Executive Director To help orphans,dumped babies,children from mentally disturbed parents. To teach them a christian way of life. NGO Children

1518 Mt. Pleasant Senior Citizen’s Trust W.O. 13/71 Box MP 13 Mt. Pleasant,Harare Executive Director NGO Education

Multiple Sclerosis Soiety of Zimbabwe Ms Day Care Centre Clayton Road, Milton Park, Harare P.O Box BE 1234 Belvedere,Harare 263 – 04- 720410/744410 (04) 7038809 To ameliorate the suffering of Persons with Multiple scerosis and provide moral and financial Assistance. To interact with international M.S Socities and keep up to date on research and advances in healht care for persons with M.s Disability,Health, Multiple sclerosis

951 Municipal Development Programme 7th floor Hurudza House 14-16 Nelson Mandela Avenue Harare (04) 774385-6 (04) 774387 ematovu@worldbank.org Mr Matovu Capacity building and strengthening of local authorities in eastern and Southern Africa. NGO Women,Children

506 Munyikwa Rural Development Association For Youth W.O. 9/91 No 3 First floor Nicoz House,Fort Street/8th Avenue,Bulawayo Box 3238,Bulawayo Executive Director Y To provide boarding facilities.at secondary schools where students have turned to squatting. To encourage the youth to be involved in ecological projects in rural areas . NGO Youth

1508 Mupfure Self Help College Box 347 ,Chegutu (053) 2863 (053) 27678 Mr A. Muchanyuka NGO Training

Murehwa Legal Advice Centre Murehwa Centre P. Bag 601, Murehwa (078) 2241-5

119 Musasa Project* W.O 06/91 64 Selous Avenue,Harare Box A712,Avondale Harare (04) 734381/794983 (04) 734381 musasa@telco.co.zw 18 Mrs Renifa Madenga To enhance the development of women in society through raising public and authorities awareness of the illegality and unacceptibility of domestic violence. Raise awareness,through public education on the root causes and effects of violence. NGO Women, Gender, Training

555 Muslim Service and development Congregation 1 Wembley Cresent Eastlea, Harare (04) 720076 (04) 720076 Executive Director To contribute to development in a christian orientation. To contribute to self sober minded development. NGO Training

990 Musokotwane Environment Resource Centre for Southern Africa* 15 Downie Avenue Belgravia,Harare Box 5690, Harare (04) 737301/720814 (04) 737301 cep@imercsa.sardc.net M. Chenje Provides information service on state of the environment in Southern Africa. NGO Information

546 Mutare Hindu Society 1 Jameson Drive,Mutare Box 39 ,Mutare (029) 62854 Executive Director To maintain Hindu culture. Int-NGO Training

Mutare Legal Projects Centre Suite 8, 2nd Floor, Old Mutual Building, Mutare Box 1242, Mutare (020) 65263 (020) 67256 mulpc@mutare.mweb.co.zw Encourage a democractic environment byextending legal information and legal assitance and facilitate the advancement and development of the community through legal knowledge and to strengthen and support institutions to promote and protect individual group rights NGO Human Rights

Mutikizizi Old People’s Home 1060 Garisanayi St, Mucheke Avenue, Masvingo (038) 3756

327 Mutoko Development Council for Youths (MDCY) Kawere Secondary School,Mutoko Box 16,Mutoko (072) 2538 5 Co ordinator Facilitation of development projects among youths in mutton. Create employment ,Poverty alleviation,self reliance. NGO Agriculture,Women, Gender, Training,and Resource Conservation

149 Mwenezi Development Training Centre* W.O. 25/91 Stand No117 Neshuro,Masvingo Box 39 Neshuro (036)-208 (036) 208 25 Mr C. Chuma Y Training for sustainable development.To train community in self reliance skills. To raise environmental awareness. To train community in self reliance skills. To raise environmental awareness. NGO Agriculture, Human Rights, Water & Sanitation, Energy, Education, Women, Gender, Forestry, Training, Resource Conservation, Training in self-help vocational skills.

67 Mwengo* 20 McChlery Avenue, Eastlea,Harare Box HG817, Highlands,Harare (04) 721469/700090 (04) 738310 mwengo@harare.iafrica.com/rutendo@mwengo.org.zw 8 Ezra Mbongori Mwengo exists to strengthen the capacities of NGOs in Eastern and Southern Africa. NGO Umbrella Body

952 NABP 12 Shelley Avenue Fair bridge Park,Mutare Box 1250, Mutare (04) 60716 (04) 66210 hsc@mail.pci.co.zw Dr Chana To provide ophthalmic services to the blind. To provide ophthalmic services to the blind. NGO Health

175 National Aids Control Programme (NACP) 2nd Floor Mukwati Building cnr Livingstone/4th Street,Harare Box CY1122,Causeway,Harare (04) 702446 (04) 792981 Director Strengthen the aids programme nation-wide by decentralising it to provincial and district levels. Strengthen the aids programme nationwide by decentralising it to provincial and district levels. NGO Training

National Aids Council 101 Baines Avenue Box MP 1311 Mt Pleasant, Harare 04-791171/2/8

National Assciation of Zimbabwe – Rural Leadues (N.Z.A.R.L) 3738 Dumbudya Close, Budiriro 2, HARARE Box CY1835, Causeway HARARE. 091 315 281 coordinating the establishing of provincial -Rural Legues, and Clubs at grassroot level throughout Zimbabwe. Capacity Building, HIV/AIDS, Poveryt Alleviation, Youth sports and culture

National Association For Disabled Youth of Zimbabwe(NADYZ) 27A Connaught Avenue and Lobengula Street ,Bulawayo P.O Box 2705 Bulawayo (09) 888177/ 011 424 880/ 091 923 166 Munyaradzi Shanduka – Director

1458 National Association of Freelance Journalists (NAFJ) Box 3656,Harare (04) 704351-6 091 353 841 NGO Human Rights and Education

1582 National Association of social Workers 113 Samora Machel Avenue,Harare (04) 700051 (04) 726997

23 National Association of Societies for the Care of the Handicapped (NASCOH) W.O. 4/80 11 Peebles Road, Eastlea, Harare Box UA 504,Union Avenue,Harare (04) /776683/091385417/011862072 (04) 776683 www.nascoh.org.zw/nascoh@col.co.zw 4 Executive Director Y To advocate and lobby for people with and on behalf of people with disabilities. Advises government on existing organisations dealing with disabilities. Umbrella-NGO Advocacy,CapacityBuilding, Children/Youth, Civic Rights, Disability, Education, Gender, HIV/AIDS, Information Dissemination,Networking , NGO network,, Publication

32 National Ballet of Zimbabwe W.O. 12/78 109 East Road Avondale,Harare Box A423,Avondale,Harare (04) 336776 (04) 336560 5 6 FT, 8 Prof Dancers Chairman To take dance in all forms to the nation. To promote and encourage dance in all forms,award grants to promising dancing students. Umbrella-NGO Culture

49 National Blood Transfusion Service Zimbabwe W.O. 54/68 Mazowe Street,Harare Box A101 Avondale,Harare (04) 70701-4 (04) 707820 023 402 176 200 Donor Information Service Save the nation by provision of adequate safe blood. Educate and motivate donors,retain blood donors and promote appropriate blood products. NGO Health

953 National Catholic Youth Council 29-31 Selous Avenue,cnr 4th Street, Harare Box 136 Causeway,Harare (04) 731915 zcbc-sec@harare.iafrica.com W Mbofana To provide vocational training and funding of youth projects. To offer training in leadership and social skills for social development. NGO Youth

2067 National Council for Negro Women Mutare 53-3rd Street Mutare Box 1604,Mutare (020) 67464 J Mudzanapabwe Operates a revolving fund in Mutasa and Mutare districts and also provides a credit fund. NGO Funding

National Council of Disabled people in zimbabwe Innercity Church 2nd Street opposite Jadgers, Mutare Box 185, Mutare (020)67881/(020)30831 Mr Chamunorwa Dube To advocate for the creation of a society where all disabled people enjoy equal opportunities. To promote full integration into Zimbabwean society of all disabled persons. NGO Education, Gender, Empowerment of people with disabilities.

148 National Council of Disabled Persons of Zimbabwe (NCDPZ) W.O. 16/75 Freedom House,Bulawayo Box 1952,Bulawayo (09) 214434/ (09) 208023 ncdpz@zim.org.zw Executive Director Y To advocate for the creation of a society where all disabled people enjoy equal opportunities. To promote full integration into Zimbabwean society of all disabled persons. NGO Education, Gender, Empowerment of people with disabilities.

296 National Council of Disabled Persons of Zimbabwe (NCDPZ) W.O. 16/75 12922 Ndlela Way Mbare, Harare Box 3864,Harare (04) 770046/750309 023 894 978 Executive Director Y To maintain and develop a powerful effective and united movement of disabled persons. NGO Human Rights

556 National Council of Negro Women 87 Livingstone Avenue,Harare Box 850 ,Harare (04) 729108 ncnwsaro@africaonline.co.zw Executive Director Y To improve the social economic status of women internationally and in rural areas of Africa. NGO Women

33 National Cytology Service W.O. 15/82 Harare Hospital Southerton,Harare Box 1832,Harare (04) 621100 EXT 3386/621152 14 Senior Cytotechnologist To detect and diagnosis of cancer at its early stages. Early prevention of cancer. Detect and prevention of cervical cancer at its early stages. NGO National

284 National Employment Council for the Transport Operating Industry(NECTOI)* 43 Fife Avenue,Harare Box 2100,Harare (04) 794063/705378-9 (04) 705472 nectoihr@africaonline.co.zw 7 Executive Director NGO Employment Creation

National Employment Council for the Welfare & Educational InstitutionsN.E.C 104 1st Floor, Africa Synod House Cnr 4th St /Selous Ave P.O Box CY 2373 Causeway Harare (04) 799144/5 (04) 799144/5

18 National Federation Of Women’s Institutes of Zimbabwe W.O. 100/68 13 Fife Avenue,Harare Box CY 28Causeway,Harare (04) 705762 (04) 705762 nfwiz@mango.zw 2 D. White Fellowship, tolerance, justice and service to non-party political and non-sectarian. To enable women to take an effective part in life, development of Zimbabwe. Umbrella-NGO Health, Aids, Women, Gender, Human Rights

954 National Organisation for Development of the Disadvantaged NODED W.O. 28/94 c/o Deseret Internationa, Parirenyatwa Hospital Grounds, Hre Box A 816 Avondale, Harare (04) 790014/799123/726413 (04) 793045 E.C. Rutanhira Empowerment of disadvantaged by way of skills training to enable them to be self reliant. To provide care for the disadvantaged,to provide shelter,primary health care and counselling. NGO Education and Health

National Youth Development network 67B Central Avenue Box 4390 Harare 011 866 940

5 Natural Farming Network of Zimbabwe(NFN) 8 Elsworth Avenue Belgravia,Harare Box A1640, Avondale ,Harare (04) 726538/727225/792223 (04) 723056 nfnz@africaonline.co.zw 16 Information Officer Strengthen membersorganisations in the promotionof sustainable communities through a competent secretariat that assists the Network members in information gathering, dissemination capacity building and advocacy of natural farming practices and principles To advocate natural farming/sustainable agriculture to Government and NGO’S. Umbrella-NGO Agriculture, Wildlife,Development, Environment Awareness, Rural Development Women, Gender, Settlements, Ngo networking

510 Ndhlela Methodist Centre (NMC)* No 5 Shamrock Road,Gweru Box1265,Gweru (054) 22810 011 729 810 Executive Director To provide community development and adult education and job creation. NGO Training

997 Nehemia Trust Box 350,Ruwa (073) 23896 NGO Children

557 Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV)* Block 9, Arundel Office Park, Norfolk Rd, Mt. Pleasant, Hre Box CY 156 Causeway, Harare (04) 723375/723377/722250/792153 (04) 7729401 snvzim@primenet.zw.com Executive Director To empowerment of the people in rural areas with focus on children and the disabled. NGO Women

1557 Netherlands Embassy 2 Arden Road,Highlands,Harare Box HG 601,Highlands,Harare (04) 776701-6 (04) 776700 EMBASSY Donor Agency

189 Netherlands Organisation for Development * 19 Lawson Road Milton Park,Harare Box 6863,Harare (04) 700271 Principal Consultant DONOR Funding

New Hope Zimbabwe 39 Kaguvi Street Harare Box UA 175 Harare (04) 781750 / 04 773456 newhopezimbabwe@yahoo.co.uk Pastor E Zadzagomo To give hope and protection to orphans and OVCs Promote programmes that support orphans and vulnerable children especially the Girl child NGO Children’s livewood and their education

1554 New Zealand High Commission* R.Mugabe/2nd Str,8th Floor Greenbridge,Eastgate Mall,Harare Box 5448,Harare (04) 759221-4 (04) 759228 nzharare@icon.co.zw Mrs Janette Heathrton DONOR Donor Agency

538 NORAD 252426

541 Norwegian Agency for the Development Co-operation (NORAD) 5 Lanark Avenue Belgravia , Harare Box 4970, Harare (04) 252426 (04) 729844 Executive Director To contribute to an international co-operation for sustainable growth and development. To advocate and support permanent economical and social improvements. DONOR Health,Agriculture,Education

955 Norwegian People’s Aid 50 Somerset Drive Eastlea, Harare Box 4669 ,Harare (04) 746686/9/776763 (04) 729302 norsk@ecoweb.co.zw Executive Director To promote self reliance particularly in the productive sector in the rural areas. To upgrade rural people’s skills,To empower the rural people to be responsible people. Int-NGO Training

Non-Violent Action and Stratefies fo Social Change (NOVASC) Box CY 369, Causeway, Harare 091 253344 (04) 791994 novasc@ecoweb.co.zw

204 NOVIB 9 Rowland Square Milton Park,Harare Box 6863, Harare (04) 700721 (04) 702771 Colleta Chitsike To provide funds for poverty alleviation programmes in the areas of gender. NGO Funding Agency

100 Nunurayi Women’s Guild of Zimbabwe Box 3642,Harare (04) 700631/2- To provide orphans with financial,material and counselling assistance. To provide orphans with financial,material and counselling assistance. NGO Women and Children

Nyahode District Co-op Union Nyahode Rural Service Centre,Chimanimani Box 98,Chimanimani (026) 24195 Chairman Provision of technical service to the co-operative. NGO Education

1475 Nyakomba Development trust (N.D.T) MA 1112/2002 Nyakomba irrigation Scheme, Nyokamba, nyanga Box, CY 3242, Causeway Harare 091 928 769 to plift the standards of living, the enhancement of entepreneurial opportunities, adequate provision of infrastructure in Nyakomba. Agriculture, Empowerment, Social awareness

1523 Nyanga Development Projects Mt. Mellary Mission,Nyanga Box 180,Nyanga (026) 21821 Executive Director Provides assistance in fish farming and vegetable growing for the local community. NGO Agriculture

579 Oasis of Life Foundation W.O. 1/89 Box FM 33 Fomona,Bulawayo Executive Director NGO Development

328 Omay Development Trust W.O. 1157/82 Box 4104 ,Harare Y NGO Education

208 One-up Business Training Trust* 3 Harcourt cnr 4th Avenue/Samuel Parirenyetwa,Harare Box 4035,Bulawayo (09) 882417/888194 011-203-528 oneup@teleconet.co.zw 4 Khumalo Provision of business skills for the informal sector. Consultants to other NGO’S, providing business knowledge. NGO Training

956 Opportunity International Suite 25 New Africa House 40 Union Avenue,Harare Box H831,Harare (04) 749651 (04) 775320 Administrator To fight hunger and suffering at its root-course – Unemployment. To fight hunger and suffering at its root-course – Unemployment. NGO Agriculture and Gender

81 Organisation of Collective Co-operation in Zimbabwe (OCCZI) 69 Chinhoyi Street,Harare Box 66102 Kopje,Harare (04) 751193 (04) 771477 Executive Director To support all registered co-operatives in soliciting for financial support. To unite registered collective co-operative under one umbrella. NGO Information and Networking

558 Organisation of Rural Associations for Progress (ORAP)* W.O. 26/81 16 Boone Avenue, Richmond,Bulawayo Box 877,Bulawayo (09) 208538/208588 (09) 74288/75661 oraphq@acacia.samara.co.zw 92 Thandiwe Nkomo Y To fight all forms of poverty, principally among the rural communities. To encourage rural people to engage in small businesses for self employment. NGO Agriculture, Human Rights, Water & Sanitation, Health, Energy, Gender, Women, Education, Training, Resource Conservation

2068 OTTO- Benecke Foundation 91 Josiah Chinamano Avenue,Harare Box 2570,Harare (04) 724358/702470 Executive Director To offer educational assistance to prime target groups that are immigrants. Int-NGO Education

2069 Oxfam Great Britian 10 Kay Gardens, Avondale, Harare Box 4590,Harare (04) 700824/729866 (04) 700824 oxzim@oxfam.samara.co.zw D. Maneji Work in the livelihood and food security as well as the basic rights/advocacy. NGO Women and Children

Oxfam USA Nestle House Samora Machel Avenue,Harare Box 1233 Harare (04) 707613 (04) 707614 Donor Funding Organisations and Programme debts. INT NGO DONOR

164 Padare 83 Central Avenue Between 7th & 8th Street, Harare 738920/703474/091 210 331/023 225 552 padare@mweb.co.zw

949 Partners for Growth (PFG) 3 Southam Road Greystone Park,Harare Box CH 98,Harare (04) 885447 Development Officer Partners for growth is an initiatives by Chief Executives of Zimbabwe’s leading companies. Partners for growth is an initiatives by Chief Executives of Zimbabwe’s leading companies. DONOR Funding

99 Pelum Association 4 Serendip Close off Second extension Mt Pleasant, Harare Box MP 1059 Mount Pleasant, Harare (04) 744470/744117 (04) 744470 pelum@mail.pci.co.zw Mutizwa Mukute Strengthen training in East and Southern Africa on various training programmes. Int-NGO Training

1526 People Education Support Fund Government Composite Building cnr Robert Mugabe/4th Street,Mutare Bag 7041,Mutare (020) 65729 (020) 65729 Administrator Provision of educational and technical assistance to community groups. NGO Training

957 Pied Piper Children’s Centre W.O. 50/69 Box 280,Chinhoyi Executive Director NGO Children

483 Pioneer Trust Hayles Street ,Masvingo Box 626 ,Masvingo (039) 62188 The Administrator Provides total care and occupational therapy to the aged. NGO Health

473 Plan International Harare 3 and 7 lizard Raod, Milton Park Bag 7232,Harare (04) 791601-6 (04)708315 morane@plan.geis.com Executive Director Y Concentration on development programmes structured around social services. DONOR Social services,wildlife

482 Plan International – Mutare* 146 Herbert Chitepo Street, Mutare Box 190,Mutare (020) 64415 Executive Director To provide assistance to needy children, their families, and communities. NGO Children,Health,and Education

484 Plan International Kwekwe No 1-7 Venturas Building Robert Mugabe Way,Kwekwe Box 8020,Kwekwe (055) 3511 (055) 2169 Executive Director Concentration on development programmes on health, water, education, agriculture. NGO Health, agriculture

580 Plan International Masvingo 608 Baobab Road,Chiredzi Box 330,Chiredzi (031) 3206 Executive Doirector Concentration on development programmes structured around water, education. NGO Water and Sanitation,Agriculture

117 Play group Association W.O. 37/73 Box UA 139, Harare Y NGO Children

292 Popular Education Collective (PEC)* W.O. 17/83 98 Cameroon Street,Harare Box CY302 Causeway,Harare (04) 757655/780319 (04) 780319 deveduc@harare.iafrica.com 11 Executive Director To produce educational materials and develop workshop methods that challenge the elitist. Enable the marginalised communities to acquire knowledge & information. NGO Human Rights, Education, Civic Education

Popular Education Collective (TADG) Fanum House 57 Samora Machel Avenue,Harare Box 8516, Causeway,Harare (04) 791074 Executive Director To write and edit publications and training courses for workers, co-operatives, local partner. To promote popular education for democracy and self management. NGO Education

511 Polulation Services International 30 The Chase Emerald Hill, Harare Box EH 306, Emerald Hill, Harare (04) 334631/339597/339580 (04) 339632 infor@psi.org.

958 Population Services Zimbabwe (PSZ) W.O.13/88 190-191 Mharapara Road Unit F Seke,Chitungwiza (070) 23936 Executive Director To make family planning accessible to low income families. Promote welfare of the low socio ecomic families by providing family planning education. NGO Health

3 Poverty Reduction Forum (PRF) University of Zimbabwe, IDS building, Harare Box 880, Harare (04) 333341-3/307907 (04) 333345 research@prf.org.zw/info@prf.org.zw Judith Kaulem To organise public seminars and workshops. Information Disssemination. NGO Poverty Alleviation

559 Practical Skill Development Centre PVO 22/96 Charmwood Farm, Centenary Box 105,Centenary (057) 23951 psda@africaonline.co.zw 12 L. Raeymaekers Y To empower rural communities through training to achieve socio-economic self reliance. To train people toward self employment,improve the standards of rural people. NGO Training

285 Prankerd-Jones Trust Fund* W.O. 11/83 c/o Helga Patrickios Medical Faculty, Medical Library ,Harare Box A 178 Avondale, Harare (04) 791631 ext 238 (04) 795019 Executive Director To enable medical students to travel overseas for studies in hospitals to gain experience. Int-NGO Health and Science Education

160 Presbyterian Women Association (PWA) W.O. 36/86 Chaminuka Street (Opposite Rufaro Stadium East Side) Stand No 12927 Mbare,Harare Box 9046 Mbare,Harare (04) 726065 Executive Director To cultivate a Christian character in women and men and provide services within churches. To provide training to pre-school teachers. NGO Training ,gender

507 Prison Fellowship Zimbabwe W.O. 10/94 24b Simon Mazorodze Road, Harare Box 6397,Harare (04) 730866 Executive Director Y The social and economic rehabilitation of prisoners and ex-prisoners. The social and economic rehabilitation of prisoners and ex-prisoners. Int-NGO Rehabilitation of Prisoners

Public Personality Against Aids Trust 4 Aberdeen Rd, Avondale, Harare (04) 303081 tendayi@ppaat.co.zw Director

79 Queen Elizabeth Adventist Children’s Home* W.O. 2/67 Stand No1060 Parirenyatwa Street /8th Avenue,Bulawayo Box 1036,Bulawayo (09) 60753/70155 Executive Director To provide a home with love, security, order and a Christian life style to orphans. To improve their self esteemgive them direction as they seek a place in society. NGO Children

487 Ranch House College 87-89 Rotten Row,Harare Box 1880,Harare (04) 750613 (04) 724604 ranchehouse@sdzim.com Principal Y To become a dynamic player in manpower development by offering quality training. To provide quality training and educational service,develop a competent human resource base. NGO Training

488 Red Cross Society Bulawayo* W.O. 52/67 90 Lobengula Street, Bulawayo Box 1124,Bulawayo (09) 67949/60369 (04) 751739 Executive Director Y To organise relief services to all disaster victims of both natural and man made disasters. To organise relief services to all disaster victims of both natural and man made disasters. Int-NGO Aids,Refugees and Training

486 Red Cross Society Gweru W.O. 52/67 Showground offices Mvuma Road, Gweru Box 1010,Gweru (054) 51355 Executive Director To perform all duties devolving upon a national society with the Geneva Conventions. Int-NGO Water and Sanitation

271 Red Cross Society Harare* W.O. 52/67 98 Cameroon Street,Harare Box 1406,Harare (04) 775416-18 (04) 773912 redcros@id.co.zw Executive Director To alleviate human suffering. To promote good health by giving aid to sick and wounded during time of peace or war. Int-NGO Human Rights,Health

147 Save the Children Fund (Norway) Redd Barna 184 Fife Avenue,Harare Box 4581,Harare 721541/732517 (04) 796535 reddba@harare.iafrica.com/post@reddbarna.org.zw Executive Director Y To assist children, particularly those underprivileged. To help uplift the standard of living of those under developed areas. NGO Children

263 Rehabilitation and Prevention of Tuberculosis (RAPT)* W.O. 77/67 Showground Hillside Road Famona,Bulawayo Box 2166,Bulawayo (09) 66967 4 Co-ordinator To participate in the prevention and control of tuberculosis in Zimbabwe. To enlist the active involvement of the people in TB prevention and control activities. NGO Aids, Tuberculosis (TB)

216 RESCU W.O. 18/70 21 Harare Street,Harare Box 66044 Kopje,Harare (04) 793399 Executive Director To provide a place of employment for the disabled who cannot find employment. NGO Gender

959 Rescu – Sheltered employment 121 Bains Avenue Harare cnr 4th and 21Harare Street,Harare Box 66044 Kopje,Harare (04) 790011/793399 Chairman Provide accommodation and skills training for disabled people. Provide accommodation and skills training for disabled people. NGO Health. Disability

272 Revival of Hope Organisation Box 1708, Bulawayo (09) 68477 N Ndlovu To provide counselling service to aids orphans and net working with clinics. To provide home based care to orphans. NGO Children

Richwood Park Paraplegic Club W.O. 58/68 6 Richwell Avenue Meyrick Park Mabelreign,Harare Box BE129 Belvedere,Harare (04) 222231 Executive Director To promote and organise forms of sporting and recreational facilities for disabled persons. NGO Health

26 Richwood Park Paraplegic Club

261 Rio Tinto Foundation W.O. 27/75 1 Kennilworth Gardens Newlands,Harare Box CY 1243 Causeway,Harare (04) 746141 (04) 746228 1 Executive Officer The Rio Tinto foundation is the social responsibility arm of Rio Tinto Zim (Mining Company). To raise the standard of living by creating opportunities to archieve great prosperity. NGO Employment Creating

560 Robert Mugabe Children’s Home P.O Penhalonga,Mutare (120) 22217 S. R. Hilda NGO Children

960 Round Table W.O. 80/68 Second Street Extension shops, Harare Box UA 536 Union Avenue, Harare (04) 339086 Executive Director To develop the fellowship of young men through their professional occupations. To encourage active and responsible citizenship by cultivating the highest ideas in business. NGO Education and Training

1476 Rudecon Zimbabwe 32 Trafalgar Avenue Mabelreign,Harare (04) 303591 Chenaux-Repond Lobbying and advocacy women’s rights to farming land. NGO Women,Poverty Alleviation

978 Rugare Old People’s Home Amaveni township,Kwekwe Box 75 ,kwekwe (055) 2658 The Matron Provides clothing and food for the destitute. NGO Gender

306 Rujeko Home Based Care* Birchenough Bridge Hospital Grounds Box 148 Birchenough Bridge (0248) 2276 Project Co-ordinator Care of the chronically and terminally ill at home. NGO Health

66 Rukariro Rehabilitation Programme Box 83 Odzi,Mutare Executive Director To identify, care and rehabilitate the destitute, mentally and physically handicapped people. Impart relevant skills to those trainable,to continue supervising treatments for the mentally disabled before they are integrated back into the society. NGO Health

72 Rural Unit for Development Organisation W.O. 8/93 39/41 Hofmeyer St, Masvingo Box 1329,Masvingo (039) 63903/62374 (039) 63903 rudo1@mweb.co.zw 10 Programme Director Contribute towards poverty alleviation by addressing issues of unemployment. To enhance economic security of rural craft production through development of trading capacity, local managerial support ad export marketing operations. NGO Agriculture, Training, Craft enterprise development

1477 Rusape Hindoo Society W.O. 194/68 Box 70,Rusape 1 Chairperson To save the hindoo community of Rusape and give charities to needy and maintain cultural activities. To save the hindoo community of Rusape and give charities to needy and maintain cultural activities. NGO Gender

319 Rushinga District Development Committee The District Office,Rushinga c/o The Admin’s Office ,P.A. Rushinga (076) 392 Mrs Chitiyo Provides a revolving fund for lending tools to those engaged in small scale enterprises. NGO Funding

474 Ruvimbo Zimcare School Box ST189 Southerton,Harare (04) 667470 Mr Mutamiswa NGO Children

485 Sacred Heart Convent Orphanage No 2 Nyabadza Avenue,Rusape Box 33,Rusape (020) 2717 Executive Director To look after orphans, dumped babies, children from mentally disturbed parents. To teach them a christian way of life NGO Children

244 Saint Patrick’s Skills Training Centre St Patricks Mission,Gweru Box 9030,Gweru (054) 3207 Executive Director To provide skills training for self reliance to disabled persons. NGO Human Rights ,Gender

273 Salvation Army W.O. 31/67 45 Josiah Chinamano Avenue/ Leopold Takawira Street,Harare Box 14,Harare (04) 736666-8 (04) 726658 Executive Director Y Church, Social Medical, Education work. NGO Gender

329 Samaritans W.O. 5/77 cnr Lyne Ave/Parkway Waterfalls,Harare Box W 212 Waterfalls, Harare (04) 722000/726468 Executive Director Y To stop suicide. To discuss Problems,refer clients to relevant NGOs. NGO Human Rights

60 Sarips of the Sapes Trust* 2-6 Deary Avenue Belgravia,Harare Box MP111 Mount Pleasant,Harare (04) 727875 (04) 732735 docs@sapes.org.zw 100 Senior Documentalist To influence policy decisions in areas of development. NGO Gender and Policy

561 Save the Children Fund (UK)* 10 Natal Road Belgravia,Harare Box 4689,Harare (04) 793198/9/725508 (04) 251883 tapfumak@scfuk.org.zw 44 Executive Director Y Provides technical advice and supports specific projections in the Zambezi Valley,Commercial Farms . Int-NGO Health, Aids, Child Rights, Gender, Water & Sanitation

114 School of Social Work W,O. 404/68 cnr Chinhoyi Street/Grant Street Kopje, Harare Box 66022,Harare (04) 707414-6/720575 (04) 704869/751903 ssw@esanet.co.zw Executive Director To train social workers for grassroots through senior management levels. Component of child welfare well emphasised in all its programmes. NGO Training

64 Scripture Union Aid For Aids W.O. 35/89 45 Heyman Road Suburbs,Bulawayo (09) 71555 (09) 71555 sufamily@acacia.samara.co.zw Programme Co-ordinators Y To develop a uniquely African and Christian family culture adapted to contemporary needs. Enable scripture union to set up aid for aids at a national level throughout Africa. Int-NGO Aids, Family Life & Relationships

78 Scripture Union Zimbabwe* W.O. 35/89 23 Selous Avenue,Harare Box CY 252Causeway,Harare (04) 720575/252442-5 (04) 725545/252446 shalom@mango.zw 50 National Director A nation, where all know, believe and mature in Christ. Promote bible reading,literature sales camps,life skills and education. Int-NGO Aids, Training

115 Self Help Development Foundation of Zimbabwe* 17 Nirvana Road Hatfield,Harare Box 4576,Harare (04) 570611/572933 (04) 572933 Managing Director Y NGO Women

Self-Help Development Foundation of Zimbabwe (SHDF) Chitepo School Gutu,Masvingo Box 52 Zaka,Masvingo (039) 2464 50 Managing Director To improve women living standards. Saving money, forming projects,togetherness good communications to buy input supplies. NGO Women

1524 SHAPE Zimbabwe Trust MA972/2002 Students Affairs Building, UZ, Mount Pleasant, HARARE Box MP 138, Mount Pleasant, Harare (04) 334021/091 323 944/ 011 865 863 www.shapezim.org.zw/smusiyarira@yahoo.com Shepstone Musiyarira (Director) To promote health and prevent of HIV/AIDS through improving human capabilities and mobilising the community in educating, monitoring youth and fostering gender equity in sub Sahara Africa Youths University students and secondary school children.

259 Share The Christian Encouragement Trust W.O. 2/91 25 Park Road,Mutare Executive Director NGO Education

562 Sharon Cohen Children’s Home Box SK 34,Seke,Chitungwiza Mr Kureva NGO Children

563 Shearly Cripps Children’s Home* W.O.14/71 St John’s Mission, Chikwaka Communal Area Box UA 378 Union Avenue,Harare (074) 2698/(04) 702253-4 Executive Director Y To look after orphans. To serve as a place of safety to the destitute and orphaned children. NGO Children

254 Shelter Trust W.O.13/83 99A Westwood Drive, Kambuzuma, Harare Box 21, Kambuzuma, Harare (04) 225347, 222979 (04) 222979 Executive Director To give temporary shelter to young, pregnant women, who are abandoned by their families. NGO Women and Children

Shingirai Trust 23 Robert Mugabe Road,Chinhoyi (067) 23570 G. Kachasu NGO Children

146 Shungu Dzevana Trust 26 Alexandra Drive, Hatfield, Harare 04-571209/011430506

564 Shurugwi Women’s Institute W.O. 132/68 Box173,Shurugwi Treasurer Women’s Club. Help needy,send resolutions to government. Int-NGO Women

Silveira House* Centre MA39/63 Acturus Road Box 545,Harare (04) 491066/7.491885/9 (04) 491057 silveira@healthnet.zw/silveira@samara.co.zw/admin@silverra.co.zw Executive Director Leadership, Training and Development Education Leadership, Training and Development Education NGO Advocacy, Agriculture, Capacity Buiding, Youth, Citizens rights,civil rights, communication, community Dev,Documentation,Empowerment,Environment Awareness, Gender,HIV/AIDS, Infromation Dissemination, Netwoking, ngo networking, Poverty Alleviation, Publication, religion,Research,rural Develpment, social awareness, training , youth, Peace building

584 Simukai 9 Aerodrome Road Yeovil Mutare (020) 62311/65530

1566 Siyabonga Orphanage Home* 4313 Gwabalanda, Bulawayo P.O.Luveve,Bulawayo Y To offer support to the orphaned,neeedy Children. NGO Children

191 Slovakia Embassy 32 Aberdeen Road,Avondale,Harare (04) 302636/307884 EMBASSY Funding

145 Small Scale Miners Association of Zimbabwe 109 Chinhoyi Street,Harare Box 4380,Harare (04) 720058 Y To identify problem common to most small scale miners. To identify problem common to most small scale miners. NGO Information & Research

SNV – Netherlands Development Organisation 33 Lawson Avenue Milton Park,Harare (04) 724477 (04) 729401 3 Administrator Int-NGO Training, Gender, Resource Conservation

SNV – Netherlands Development Organisation 62, 3RD Street, Mutare (020) 64404 (020) 64404 snvzim@primenetzw.co Provide technical assistanceto the government institutions, particularly in rural districts council

1478 020 64404

475 Society for the destitute aged Box DH 35,Highfield (04) 668441 Mr Charambarara Taking care of the homeless adults providing clothing and accommodation. NGO Gender

71 Society for the Prevention of cruelty to animals (SPCA), Mutare W.O. 98/68 St Hellens Drive,Mutare Box 222,Mutare (020) 63679 Executive Director Prevention of cruelty to animals. NGO Wildlife

293 Society for the Proctection of Cruelity to Animals (SPCA) W.O. 10/76 Mashava Village,Mashava Box 144,Mashava (035) 2322 2 Chairperson It falls under the Auspices of the National SPCA. Protection of animal. Control of animal health and abasement. NGO Animal protection

250 Society For The Protection of The Unborn Child (SPUC) W.O. 28/73 14 Princess Drive Highlands,Harare (04) 732429 Executive Director Y Counselling women and girls, who are faced with unplanned pregnancy. NGO Education

Soroptimist International of Harare W.O. 54/67 Box A77 Avondale,Harare (04) 335385(home) 335654-7 (work) Mrs A.M. Anderson NGO

116 SOS Children’s Villages- Bindura 091 307 644 / 0716342 Mr Zungunde

962 SOS Children’s Villages- Zimbabwe W.O. 5/77 Mon Repos Building Newlands,Harare Box HG 766 Highlands,Harare (04) 746451/3 (04) 746454 sos-zim@harare.iafrica.com 400 National Co-ordinator Y Int-NGO Agriculture, Education, Raise orphaned & abandoned children

1567 South African Aids Information Dissemination Service (SAFAIDS) 17 Beveridge Road Avondale, Harare Box A 509 Avondale,Harare (04) 336193/4/335005-15 (04) 336195 info@safaids.org.zw Information Officer To address the issues of aids in the Southern Africa region as a development issue. Int-NGO Health

88 South African High Commission 7 Elcombe Avenue,Belgravia,Harare Box 121,Harare (04) 753147/152 EMBASSY Funding

289 South African Non-Government Organisations Network (SANDON) 8 Elsworth Avenue Belgravia,Harare (04) 731541 Executive Director NGO Strengthening Local NGOs

330 Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled (SAFOD) W.O. 14/90 19 lobengula Street, bulawayo Box 2247,Bulawayo (09) 69356 (09) 74398 info@nango.org.zw/safod@telconet.co.w Executive Director Y To provide means of enabling disabled people in the region to meet each other. NGO Health

87 Southern Africa Aids Information Dissemination Service PVO 14/96 17 Beveridge Road Avondale,Harare Box A509 Avondale,Harare (04) 336193/307898-9 (04) 336195 infor@safaids.org.zw 20 Executive Director NGO Aids

182 Southern Africa Development Institute 6th Floor Gelfand House,Harare Box 2390,Harare (04) 704858 (04) 704859 sadi@africaonline.co.zw Executive Director Management. Rural Development. Rural Finance Consultants Management. Rural Development. Rural Finance Consultants NGO Rural Development

86 Southern Africa Research and Documentation Centre (SARDC)* 13 Bath Road Belgravia,Harare Box 5690,Harare (04) 791141/739402 (04) 738693 sardc@sardc.net E Zulu To improve the base knowledge about economic,political and cultural developments by making information accessible to governments and policy makers NGO’S . To assemble and circulate information about the region. NGO Research and documentation and children’s welfare

1479 Southern African Co-operative Network (SACNET) Box 706,Harare (04) 730176/729871 (04) 705121 To promote networking among Co-ops in Southern Africa. To promote networking among Co-ops in Southern Africa. NGO Information & Networking

89 Southern African Human Rights Trust (SAHRIT) 12 Ceres Road Avondale Harare Box 430,Kwekwe 333882/332179 339818/335278 Executive Director NGO Human Rights

85 Southern African Media Service Organisation (SAMSO) 2nd Floor Lintas House,Harare Box UA 547Union Avenue,Harare (04) 773009 (04) 732448 Director To promote social,gender awareness and rural development. To promote social,gender awarenessand rural development. NGO Wildlife, Environment News, Resource Conservation

Southern African Network of Aids Service Organisation(SANASO)* 6 Dunkirk Drive Old Alexandra Park Harare Box 6690,Harare (04) 745748 (04) 745749 sanaso@mango.zw/sanaso@africaonline.co.zw Executive Director To prevent the spread of AIDS, care for people with HIV/AIDS, and co-ordinates activities. To prevent the spread of aids,care for people with aids. NGO Aids, Training

35 Southern African Resource Bank for Democracy and Human RightsSAFDEM 703 Charter House, Leopold Takawira Ave, Bulawayo Box 9375 Hillside Bulawayo Mrs. J. Naik NGO Human Rights, investigation of Human rights abuse, Election observation

96 Southern Alliance for Indeginous Resources (SAFIRE)* PVO 5/96 10 Lawson Avenue Milton Park,Harare Box BE 398 Belvedere,Harare (04) 795461 (04) 790470 safire@internet.co.zw 36 Director/Information Officer To facilitate the development and application of innovative approaches to diversify and improve rural livelihoods based on the utilisation,commercialisation and sustainable management resources. Develop self sufficiency of rural communities through improved management and sustainable utilisation of indigenous natural resources. To promote the development of income generating enterprises NGO Refugees, Resource Conservation,Training and Environment

565 Southern Centre For Energy and Environment 31Frank Johnson Avenue,Harare Box CY1074Causeway,Harare (04) 738316/8/9 (04) 738316/8/9 scentr@harare.iafrica.com.zw Executive Director Maximum effectiveness in Research/Consultancy in energy and environment. NGO Resource Conservation

964 St Giles Rehabilitation Centre* W.O. 49/68 Clayton Road Milton Park, Harare Box A 224 Avondale,Harare (04) 704691-3 giles@technopark.co.zw/biles@technopark.co.zw Executive Director Y To rehabilitate physically and mentally handicapped, particularly these with spinal problems. NGO Health

1598 St Joseph’s House for Boys 31 Denbigh Avenue Belvedere, Harare (04) 775668/775659 Superitandant To prove the disadvantaged boys with accommodation and education. To prove the disadvantaged boys with accommodation and education. NGO Children

963 St Nicolas Kindergarten Teacher Training School Cnr Zata/Mangwende Way, Mbare Harare (04) 662342 The Principal To provide professional training to young school leavers who would work as creche workers. Church Children

207 St Patrick’s Skills Training Centre St Patrick’s Parish, The Archidiocise of Harare Box GN 9 Glen Norah, Harare (04) 613970 Executive Director To assist the Disabled people by providing skills training for self reliance. To assist the Disabled people by providing skills training for self reliance. NGO Children

311 St. Agnes Mission Gokwe Gokwe Centre,Gokwe Box 138,Gokwe (059) 566 Director General To rehabilitate mentally ill patients and disadvantaged members of the community. To rehabilitate mentally ill patients and disadvantaged members of the community. NGO Education and Health

10 Steam Radio Mutare* W.O. 6/85 Mutare Provincial Hospital,Mutare Box 30, Mutare (020) 64321 21Volunteer’s Beauty M, Sebia To provide therapedic entertainment to patients within Zimbabwe. To provide therapedic entertainment to patients within Zimbabwe. NGO Health

965 Streets Ahead * W.O. 26/91 57 Livingstone Avenue, Harare Box CY 2265 Causeway, Harare 091 313 990 (04) 795150 streetsahead@zol.co.zw 7 Israel Chokuwenga To assist the increasing number of disadvantaged urban youth who find themselves in need. To establish a drop-in centre where children can receive basic facilities. NGP Street Children

Student Christian Movement of Zimbabwe SCMZ House 136 Harare Street, Harare (04) 772960 (04) 772960 zscm@mango.zw Mrs. M. Dube An interdenominational group of youths which strives to serve the changing needs of youth. An interdenominational group of youths which strives to serve the changing needs of youth. NGO Youth

1568 091 223 873

966 Sweden Embassy Pegasus House,52 Samora Machel Avenue,Harare Box 4110,Harare (04) 790651/4/705370 (04) 754265 barbara.banda@sida.se EMBASSY Funding

537 Swedish co-operative Centre (SCC) 1 Verona Gardens 70 Livingstone House, Harare (04) 737492/707494 (04) 700136 sccarar@samara.co.zw Resident Representative To provide support to self help development initiatives in developing countries. DONOR Funding

1597 Swedish International Development Assistance (SIDA)* 7th floor Pegasus House,Samora Machel Avenue,Harare Box 4110, Harare (04) 790651 (04) 702003 Executive Director Rural development and the assistance to the poorest section of the population. To promote economic,social equality,growth of resources and the protection of enviroment. DONOR Donor

967 Sweedish Organisation for Individual Relief Box 1511 Mutare (020) 62430 Executive Director NGO Children

T.G. Nyandoro 19 Frank Johnson Avenue Eastlea,Harare Box A 297 Avondale, Harare (04) 723678/9 (04) 703704 NGO

2070 Tambanevana Children’s Assciation TCA W.O. 023/94 Stand No. 141/142 Murehwa Box 290 Murehwa (078) 2237 (078) 2237 To provide Day care for pre-school Children, to provide material and child care advice and related object and to establish centres and other programmes for this purpose. Education, health

577 Tariro Organisation 117th Glenview 8 Harare Box 609 Southerton,Harare (04) 690147 Mr Masango Provides a homely environment to those who have had psychiatric problems in the past by rehabilitating them. NGO Health

1489 Task Force For Food and Nutrition National Economic Planning Council 4th floor Room 420 Old Mutual Centre cnr 3rd/ Jason Moyo Avenue , Harare Box 7700 Causeway ,Harare (04) 706230/796191 Mandivamba Rukuni NGO Agriculture

29 The B.S. Leon Trust W.O. 3/67 Monavale Road,Monavale Mabelreign,Harare Box A 80 Avondale Harare (04) 335604 (04) 336504 Executive Director To provide accommodation and nursing facilities for elderly men and women in Zimbabwe. NGO Poverty Allevition

222 The Beit Trust Suite 1 St Andrew’s Arcade Hindhead Avenue ,Chisipite,Harare Box CH76 Chisipite,Harare (04) 496132 (04) 494046 2 Representative Int-NGO Health, Wildlife, Aids, Resource Conservation, Education

1506 The Borradaile Trust* W.O. 236/68 Sir James Denham Road Bag 3795, Marondera (079) 23558/23983 (079) 21405 Executive Director Y To look after the aged NGO Destitutes and Children

2080 The British High Commission Cnr Hs Samora Machel/Leopold Takawira Street,Harare (04) 772990/7747700/774617 Andrew Ndawana EMBASSY Funding

321 The Cancer Association Zimbabwe W.O. 20/67 Box 2444 Bulawayo (09) 61158 (04) 61158 Mrs F.M. Webster NGO Health

113 The Catholic Commission of Peace and Justice (CCJP)* 29-31 Selous Avenue cnr 4th Street,Harare Box CY284 Causeway,Harare (04) 791053 (04) 724971 14 Mike Auret-National Director To promote a culture of peace and human rights observance with catholic social teaching. Monitor Human Rights Situations,Report and Comment. NGO Human Rights, Settlements, Women,and Gender

241 The Centre 24 Van Praagh Avenue Milton Park,Harare Box A930 Avondale,Harare (04) 732966 (04) 732965 centre@internet.co.zw 8 Executive Director We provide a holistic approach to the national management of HIV/AIDS to both the infected. and affected to enable them to live positive. Equip people with positive living techniques. Provide practical counselling service. NGO Aids

1510 The Children’s Holiday Society W.O. 39/68 2nd Floor Michael House, Nelson Mandela Avenue,Harare Box 794,Harare (04) 720612 Executive Director To fund local holidays for needy children from various institutions. To fund local holidays for needy children from various institutions. NGO Children

999 The Downie Men Trust W.O. 328/68 11 Coltman Road Mt. Pleasant,Harare NGO Community Service

493 The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award International Box CY 627 Causeway, Harare (04) 747371 NGO Children

225 The Environment 2000 Foundation 32 Dingle Road Belvedere,Harare Box A 639 Avondale, Harare (04) 225189 (04) 225189 Executive Director Community outreach, which covers environment, education, community development. To promote and maintain areas for the breeding of endangered species. NGO Resource conservation,and Wildlife

1501 The Farm Community Trust of Zimbabwe 45 Glengary Avenue Highlands,Harare Box 4689, Harare (04) 498326/498332 (04) 498326 Training Co-ordinator NGO Training

494 The Girl Guides Association of Zimbabwe W.O. 4/68 151 Harare Street,Harare Box 312,Harare Executive Director Development of individual girl’s characters based on the values; Guide Promise and Law. NGO Children

287 The Girls Brigade in Zimbabwe W.O. 248/68 City Presbyterian Church 60 Samora Machel Avenue,Harare Box 8411,Harare (04) 792277 Executive Director To help girls to become followers of Jesus Christ and all through reverence and self control. NGO Children

162 The Guild Council of the Loyal Womens Guild of Zimbabwe W.O. 18/67 53 Van Praagh Avenue Milton Park Belvedere,Harare (04) 726192 Executive Director To promote and under take social and benevolent work. To promote and foster social welfare of men ,women and children. NGO Gender

11 The Journal On Social Change* Room 4- 3rd Floor Mass Media House,19 Selous Avenue,Harare Box 4405, Harare (04) 720417 (04) 730808 schange@africaonline.co.zw 3 Co-ordinator To provide a forum for discussion on the transformation to a Democratic Zimbabwe. Provide a forum for discussion and debate on the reconstruction and transformation of Zimbabwe into a more democratic,just and social,society. NGO Human Rights, Gender, Social, Political & economic issues in Zimbabwe

172 The Law Society of Zimbabwe* South Wing 5th Floor Lintas House/46 Union Avenue, Harare Box 2595, Harare (04) 750327/751000 (04) 750327 lawsoc@primenetzw.com 5 Executive Director To create a culture of good laws, good governance, human rights and constitutionality.Proper training of lawyers, protection of the public from errant lawyers. Proper training of lawyers, protection of the public from errant lawyers. NGO Women, Gender, Human Rights,Environment and Good Governance

242 The Legion W.O. 26/67 Empire House 69A Main Street,Bulawayo Box 311 Bulawayo (09) 67872 Executive Director Fostering the spirit of comradeship built up in service days. Forming a living memorial for those who gave their lives in the causes in which they fought. NGO Poverty Alleviation

The Leprosy Mission In Zimbabwe W.O. 449/68 24 Divine Road Milton Park,Harare Box BE200 Belvedere, Harare Executive Director To eradicate leprosy in Zimbabwe, to train paramedical medical workers to treat leprosy. NGO Health

566 The Loving Hand 09 – 61967

530 The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Zimbabwe W.O. 23/72 Cancer Building Livingstone House/20 Leroux Drive Hillside,Harare Box 8214 Causeway,Harare (04) 728156/796957 Executive Director To ameliorate suffering of people with multiple sclerosis with financial and emotional support. NGO Health

144 The National Aids Co-ordinating Program Box CY 1122 Causeway, Harare (04) 792981/702446 Executive Director NGO Children

961 The National Society for the Blind & Physically Handicapped* W.O. 27/67 George Avenue Khumalo,Bulawayo Box AC 80 Ascot, Bulawayo (09) 60434/5 Director Access to educational facilities for physically handicapped children,with the only secondary school in the country for such children. Rehabilitation of disabled children. Access to educational facilities. NGO Health, Education and Rehabilitation

996 The National St John’s Council of Zimbabwe 102 Baines Avenue, Harare Box 536 ,Harare (04) 722649 (04) 704870 Mr Crage To provide training in first aid, home nursing and ambulance services. NGO Health

The Peace Makers Success Centre 6043 (151Circle) Kuwadzana 5, Harare (04) 217506 NGO Church

286 The Rural Information Project Trust-(TRIP) 87 fife Avenu Mazoe, harare Box CY 981, Causewy, Harare 023 780 976 tripwz_trust@yahoo.co.uk Ngonidzaishe Matsambe (principal) Thriving to fill the information and knowledge Gap between people in rural and urban communities through mobilizing the necessary human, financial, techinical, and material resources, design and implement innovative, effective and more sustainable rural information and communication programmes and projects. Human rights, gender, good governance, leadership and democracy

The St.Johns Ambulance Association W.O. 11/68 102 Baines Avenue, Harare Box 536, Harare (04) 722649 ofstjohn@mweb.co.zw Executive Director To improve the lot of our people by providing first aid and similar courses to all. Provision of medical comfort (wheelchairs, crutches) to those in need. NGO Health

193 The Swedish organisation for individual Relief (SOIR) 56 4th Street, Mutare Box 1511 Mutare (020) 62930 imoffice@mutare.icon.co.zw By supporting Education, Health and income generating projects, sole contribution to improving people’s conditions of life in strengthening theirrights. The targetgroups are orphans, disabled and destitute families. Children/Youth, Disability, Education, HIV/AIDS, Relief, Small Scale Development , Students, women

The Toy Library W.O. 38/80 Box HG 467 Highlands, Harare Executive Director Y NGO Children

1000 The United Church of Christ in Zimbawbwe (UCCZ) 30/32 Second Avenue,Parktown, Waterfalls, Harare Box W116 Waterfalls,Harare (04) 667000 (04) 668325 ucczab@pci.co.zw> progation of the good news and the gospel of jesus christ for the salvation of all (after death and poverty reducation for all before death) Both in word and deed, far and near holisscally. Agriculture, Business support, capacity building, children/youth , community development , education, empowerment,health,HIV/AIDS, Human rights, poverty alleviaion, rural development, skills training small scale development, social awareness,training

320 Thembiso Children’s Home. P.Bag T 5423, Bulawayo NGO Children

143 Tinokwirira Zimcare School Box 10023, Harare (04) 491222 Ms Mandisodza NGO Children

258 TOCH Zimbabwe* W.O. 2/68 Tredgold Centre 10 – 18th Avenue Famona,Bulawayo Box 1517, Bulawayo (09) 66720 1 full-time 200 Volunteers National Chairman To develop a sense of responsibility towards the needs of our society. To develop a sense of responsibility towards the needs of our society. Int-NGO Bringing together groups of people to find new friendships whilst trying to address the problem of the community in which they live by self help and service including fund-raising.

576 Tose Respite Care Home* Prospect Industrial Park,Off Cranborne Road West Nex to Sunnidale 3 Residentia Stands.l Box AY 379 Amby, Harare (09) 576521/2 (04) 576040 tose@africaonline.co.zw 23 Mrs Page Y To provide respite care to people with learning disabilities. NGO Children

198 Training and Research Support Centre (TARSC)* 47 Van Praagh Avenue Milton Park, Harare Box CY 2720 Causeway, Harare (04) 705108/708735 (04) 737220 njazdowska@healthnet.zw Dr Rene Loewenson-Director Aims to build capacity within civil society ,institutions to engage in areas of social policy and to enhance democratic social development NGO Children , Health Social policy and Gender

112 Transparency International Zimbabwe* 96 A Central Avenue,Harare Box CY434 Causeway, Harare 793246/ 091 327 012 Tiz@internet.co.zw Mr Ndlovu To campaign against corruption in Zimbabwe. NGO Human rights

109 Tsungirirai* W.O. 19/96 Stand No 3429 Katanga, Norton (across from Ngoni stadium) Box 107,Norton (062) 2996/2080 (062) 3900 tsungi@mweb.co.zw Website www.tsungirirai.org 7 Director Empowerment of communities to take responsibility with regard to Aids pandemic.Community based orphan skills training Centre. Empowerment of communities to take responsibility with regard to aids pandemic. NGO Education, Children/Youth HIV/AIDS, Skills training

543 Umzingwane Aids Network (UAN)* W.O. 15/96 Hse No. 457 Habane,Township, Esigodini Box 112, Esigodini (088) 449 (088) 472 umzingan@mweb.co.zw 4 Programme Officer To mobilise the community so as to reduce the spread of HIV alleviate suffering for those affeceted by the diseas. It alsi empowers the communities to dealwith the HIV/AIDS pandemic. To disseminate HIV/AIDS information in order to reduce the spread of HIV. NGO Aids, Capacity Building, Children, Youth, Community development, Discussion, Documentation , Empowerment, Information dissemination, NGO -network, Skills training, Social awareness

586 UNFPA Box 4775 ,Harare NGO Children and Health

1587 United Church of Christ* Stand 30/32 2nd Avenue,Parktown Harare 0914 354 017/023 780 743 Y NGO Church

265 United Foundation for Women of Zimbabwe W.O. 9/441 5 Wishaw Road Famona Bulawayo Box AC 721 Ascot Bulawayo (09) 62464 011 216 308 Linda Mtimbanyoka NGO Children/Girls

110 United Methodist Church 163 Chinhoyi Street,Harare Box 3408, Harare (04) 704127 Bishop Evangelism. Serving the community for upgrading standard of living through hospitals,farms schools. NGO Gender

69 United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)* 6 Fairbridge Avenue Belgravia,Harare Box 1250, Harare (04) 703941/2/730093-4/ 721692/731840/091234877-880 (04)731849 harare@unicef.org Felicity Hatendi To strengthen institutions dedicated to child survival in Zimbabwe. UN AGENCY Aids, Health, Education, Water & Sanitation, Literacy, Women, Gender, Training

304 United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) 67-69 Union Avenue Takura House,Harare Box 4775, Harare (04)729711-3 (04)728695 registry.zim@undp.org 50 Resident Representative Sustainable human development. Uprooting poverty through empowerment, promoting sustainable human development. UN AGENCY Agriculture, Aids, Health, Women, Gender, Resource

567 United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisations (UNESCO)* 8 Kenilworth Road,Newlands,Harare Box HG 435 Highlands, Harare (04) 776114-5/786323/786597-8/776775-9 (04) 776055 UHHAR@UNESCO.ORG Executive Director To contribute to the development of education,Science communication,information,culture. To contribute to the development of education,communication,information,culture. UN AGENCY Education, Communication, Science,Culture and Information

1572 United Nations Information Centre* Sanders House 2nd/3rd Floors First Street/Jason Moyo Avenue,Harare Box 4408 ,Harare (04) 777047/777060 (04) 750476 Tryphine Vambe Dissemination of information about United Nation. Int-NGO Information

1556 United States of America Embassy 172 Herbert Chitepo Avenue,Harare (04) 250593/794521 (04) 253000 gerardm@state.gov EMBASSY Funding

536 United States Self Help Fund United States Embassy,172 Herbert Chitepo Avenue,Harare Box 3340,Harare (04) 794521 ext 250 Louis Wells/Mark Sawyer DONOR Donor Agency

968 US Agency for International Development (USAID) No 1 Pascoe Avenue Belgravia, Harare Box 6988,Harare (04) 721106/720757/720630 (04) 722418/720722 Ms Depp To support the private sector’s capacity to respond to the liberalised economic environment. DONOR Agriculture, Health, Training

Vashandiri Study Centre Stand number 3595 Mkoba 12, Gweru Box MK 23 Mkoba, Gweru (054) 55046 gurlhans@pci.co.zw Rev. G.M.T. Chinyoka To provide training to women and their employment. NGO Women

142 VECO – Zimbabwe (VECO) Vredeseilanden Coopibo 313 Herbert Chitepo Avenue,Harare Box CY 892, Causeway, Harare (04) 720709/733595 (04) 732585 vecoadmaafricaonline.co.zw/ website www.vredeseilanden.be to provide technical, methodological and organisational development support to groups of resource-poor farmers, their organisations, and service providers in the development and dissemination of appropriate agricultural technologies and marketing systems and in the creation of an enabling environment for sustainable agriculture and participatory/ gender approaches. Agriculture

245 Vimbainesu Children’s Home W.O. 24/88 Masiyarwa Township Murombedzi,Zvimba Bag 2015 Murombedzi, Zvimba Matron Orphanage home for the abandoned children and the abused. Children whose parents could not be identified,children whose parents are mentally ill. NGO Orphans and the physical abused.

VIVA Network Zimbabwe* MA822/2003 99 Mbuya Nehanda Street, Office 18, Bible House, Harare Box 1623, Harare 772844/091 336 969 vivanetworkzim@hms.co.zw/website www.viva.org/www.africa.viva.org Chloe Elwin To network and support christians working with ‘children at risk’ NGO Children

141 Voice of Hope Zimbabwe 51 Enterprise Road, Highlands 746041 776308 voicewangu@justice.com

139 Voice of Triumph Ministries Barwick Road,Concession Box 75, Concession 075-6- 225924 Acting Director To promote a Biblical foundation of unity in fellowship child care and training, leadership enviornment and community Int-NGO Academic, Children/Yout, Education, HIV/AIDS, Religion, Skills training Students, training

140 Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) 156 Samora Machel Avenue,Harare Box 664, Harare (04) 735451 (04) 720794 vsozm@harare.iafrica.com 10 Office Manager Y Enabling men and women to work alongside people in poor countries in order to share skills. To develop,strengthen existing organisations work alongside government development goals. Int-NGO Aids. Health, Women, Gender, Education, Local Government, Tourism

239 Volunteer Service Abroad New Zealand (VSA)* 74A George Silundika Avenue,Harare Box 1390, Harare (04) 729147/729144 (04)725640 wosczim@internet.co.zw 4 Field Representative Identifying the needs of community’s inorder to ensure positive development in their own terms through the assistance of skilled and technical personnel on education,training infrastructure. Community development through education,training infrastructure development. Int-NGO Agriculture, Aids, Settlements, Water & Sanitation, Health, Energy, Education, Literacy, Women, Gender, Forestry, Training, Wildlife, Resource Conservation

246 VREDESEILANDEN- COOPIBO – Belgium* 313 Herbert Chitepo Avenue,Harare Box 8163, Harare (04) 720709 (04) 732585 vecozim@samara.co.zw Executive Director Y To promote sustainable agriculture and empower rural farmers. To promote sustainable agriculture and empower rural farmers. Int-NGO Agriculture

98 WestwoodCheshire Home for disabled Children* W.O. 36/80 188 Westwood Kambuzuma,Harare (04) 227321 E-MAIL ADDRESSES Executive Director Y To try and assist all the disabled people by liasing and caring for them. NGO Children

275 Weya Community Training Centre(Closed) Co-ordinator Y NGO Training

203 Wild life Society W.O. 204/68 Wildlife Centre Mukuvisi Woodlands,Harare Box 3497, Harare (04) 731596 Executive Director To encourage all Zimbabweans to take an active interest in their wildlife heritage. Co-operation with government local authorities and other local and overseas organisations. NGO Wildlife

95 Women and Aids Support Network (WASN) 13 Walter Hill Avenue Eastlea,Harare Box 1554, Harare (04) 332882/ 791401-4 (04) 772926 wasn@pci.co.zw Mrs Chiedza Musengezi To empower women from various backgrounds in reproductive and sexual health rights. To empower women from various backgrounds in reproductive and sexual health rights. NGO Women

1586 Women and Development Credit Scheme 20 Park Street,Harare Box 661416 Kopje, Harare (04) 790557 (04) 774072 To provide loans to women to establish income generating projects. NGO Funding

22 Women and Land Lobby Group (WLLG) No. 13 Langham Close University Of Zimbabwe Complex Box 889 Harare (04) 744145 (04) 744145 5 Fatima Promoting women’s rights to ownership of, access to, control of and benefit from land. Facilitating women’s full participation in land reform process and decision making structures. Representing women’s interest in dialoque on land issues. Ensuring provision of critical information on land reform to women. NGO Women, Land

Women and Law In Southern Africa Research and Education (WILSA)* M.A. 881/99 16 Lawson Avenue, Milton Park, Harare Box UA171 Union Avenue, Harare (04) 253001-3 (04) 252884 wlsazimbabwe@africaonline.co.zw 6 Mrs Dumisani Mashingaidze To contribute to the socio-economic, political and legal advancement of women. Developing research skills of women researchers . NGO Women, Gender, Human rights

1530 Women and Youth Aids network Marondera Provincial Hospital Blue Building 4th Street Marondera Box 757 Marondera,Zim (079) 26281/091313471/091 913 059(079) 25728

496 Women In Business and Skills Development Centre 41 Mutley Bend,Belvedere,Harare Box 3277 Harare (04) 741341/741873 (04) 741873/5 The National Co-ordinator To promote enterprenuership development towards business management. NGO Women

1481 Women in Law and Development in Africa (WILDAF) W.O. 21/91 2nd Floor, Zambia House, Union Avenue, Harare Box 4622, Harare (04) 752105/758119 (04) 781886 wildaf@mango.zw Mrs Joanna Foster To set up country offices focusing just on Southern Africa. Training of resource persons to handle the needs for training of the member organisations. NGO Women

6th floor Zanu PF HQ,Harare (04) 748609 Ms Dumisani Mashingaidze -Project Co-ordinator NGO Women

1513 Women in politics support Unit (WIPSU) 103 selous Avenue, Harare Box CY2615,causeway, Harare (04) 251426-8 (04) 725241 To strengthen democracy and governance practices through effective participation of women elected representatives and women as political constituents. Activism, Advocacy, Capacity Building, Empowerment, Gender, Political Awareness, politics Research, Women

43 Women’ Institute Chivhu W.O. 115/68 Box 8263 Causeway,Harare NGO Women

1537 Women’s Action Group (WAG) MA 988/87 11 Lincoln Road Avondale,Harare (04) 339161/339292 (04) 339161 wag@africaonline.co.zw/wag@wag.org.zw 20 Mrs Masiyiwa – Director Y NGO Health, Aids, Women, Human Rights, Education

497 Women’s Development Centre NGO Women

969 Women’s Forum c/o National Association of Non Governmental Organisations (NANGO)Harare Box 8465 Causeway, Harare Executive Director To provide a venue for women to get together to share information. To provide a forum where women can get together,address common issues and problems. NGO Women

249 Women’s Voluntary Services (WVS)* W.O. 249/68 Derry Circle/West Road, Emerald Hill Shops,Harare Box EH 85 Emerald Hill ,Harare (04) 304161 Executive Director To provide a service to the community fund raising through costume hire. NGO Women

288 Working Group on Gender Politics* 32 Trafalgar Avenue Mabelreign,Harare Box 4720, Harare (04)303591 rudecon@mango.zw. Maia Chenaux To create permanent ,regular forum for dialogue and exchange of information on gender issues in national policy and legistration. NGO Gender,Women

World University Service of Canada (WUSU)* 74 George Silundika Avenue,Harare Box 1390, Harare (04) 729144/729147/702160 (04) 725640 wusczim@internet.co.zw Miriam Mhunduru Providing technical assistance and skilled personnel focusing on skills transfer,capacity building ,training,institutional strengthening within the sectors and institutions. Income generation and food Security, Dissemination of hand operated oil press. Int-NGO Education,Rural Development,Women Environment,Health and Research.

303 World Food Programme 50 Natal Begravia, harare 252471/4

1548 World Vision International W.O. 26/79 59 Joseph Road, off Nusery Road Marlborough east Box 2420, Harare (04) 301715/301709 (04) 729467 zimbabwe@internet.co.zw National Co-ordinator To provide emergency relief to victims of disasters. To do Evangelism/ Leadership work ,supporting efforts to local churches. DONOR Agriculture, Health, Education and Training

9 Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) 21 1st Avenue, Malbereign, Harare Box 3865, Harare (04) 310096/011 741078 (04) 796483 umca@africaonline.co.zw Mr E. Chifamba To provide vocational training projects to street kids. NGO Women and Children

531 Young Women Christian Association (YWCA)* W.O. 18/68 37 Coronation Avenue, harare Box CY 154 Amby Greenadale (04) 486142/487491 486755 ywca@africaonline.co.zw 88 National General Secretary Y To improve the quality of life for women and the girls To improve the quality of life for women and the youth. Int-NGO Energy, Women, Gender, Training, Resources

220 Youth Alive Ministries Box 1649 Causeway, Harare (04) 795538 (04) 572373 Executive Director NGO Children

1525 Youth Contact Centre W.O. 24/76 8th Avenue/Lobengula Street,Bulawayo Box 165, Bulawayo (09) 63037 (09) 68931 12 Principal & Secretary General Y To facilitate learning and educational bases for marginalised and especially single mothers. To give a second chance to those who failed their examinations,assist in Self help projects. NGO Education, Agriculture

532 Youth Development Association W.O. 2/93 Box 314,Gwanda Executive Director NGO Youth

Youth for Christ 16 Pendennis Rd, Mt Pleasant, Harare Box CY 252 Causeway, Harare Executive Director NGO Children

533 Youth Forum Zimbabwe Box 345, Beitbridge, Zimbabwe 091 307 022-086 3323-2 (086) 3323-2

535 Youth in Touch* cnr elgin/Kilwinning Road Hatfield,Harare Box CR 520 Cranborne,Harare (04) 571316 (04) 570980 Executive Director NGO Children

534 Youth with a Mission Box A 420, Harare (04) 300071 (04) 35485 Rich William’s NGO Children

228 Youth with a Vision Box HQ 583 Highlands, / Box 880 ,Harare (04) 693890/091 402 963/023 756 538 youthvisions@yahoo.co.uk Executive Director NGO Children

Zambuko Trust 6 Aberdeen Rd, Avondale, Harare Box 1183, Harare (04) 302495/333692/3/333590 (04) 333641

Zambia High Commission 48 Union Avenue Zambia House,Harare Box 4698, Harare (04) 77377/81 (04) 773783 011 608 870 Shem Phiri Dissemination of information about United Nation. EMBASSY Funding

27 Zimbabwe AIDS Prevention and Support Organization (ZAPSO) 4 Aberdeen Rd, Avondale, Harare Box CY 1417, Causeway, Harare (04) 332882/307848 (04) 307 846 zapso@mweb.co.zw

215 Zero Regional Environment Organisation W.O. 19/87 158 Fife Avenue, Greenwood Park , Harare Box 5338, Harare (04) 791333/732858/700030 (04) 720405 zero@harare.iafrica.com/info@zero.org.zw 13 Acting Director To promote and enabling policy environment for the rural and urban disadvantaged women, men and youth to enable them to mange and utilize land and land-based resources to meet their needs in a sustainable manner, through awareness raising, participatory policy advocacy, sharing of information, and networking wiht key stakeholders. To enable communities articulate their land related needs to policy makers. NGO Energy Gender, Resource Conservation

Zimbabwe /EU Microproject Programme* 14-16 Nelson Mandela Avenue,6th floor Hurudza House,Harare Box 2840, Harare (04) 751582/751607 (04) 756190 Mr Muyambi Aims to support sustainable community-conceived and managed social and economic infrastructure provision in accordance with the requirements of the LOME 1V Convention. NGO Health,Education,Rural Development.

105 Zimbabwe Agriculture Market Development Trust (Agmark) 7 Fleetwood Drive, Alezandra Park Box CH502 ,Chisipite, Harare (04) 745827/8/30/31 (04) 745829 jwoodend@enfa.icon.co.zw Managing Director – John Woodend Ph.D.

197 Zimbabwe Aids Network (ZAN)* W.O. 04/94 154 Samora Machel Avenue Belvedere Box CY 3006 Causeway, Harare (04) 775520/700832/924/703819 700832/795337 7 Ann Klofkorn National network for NGOs with AIDS programmes.To provide a forum for co-ordination and information sharing. To provide form for co-ordination and information sharing. Umbrella-NGO Aids

970 Zimbabwe Albino Association W.O. 6/98 149 Samora Machel Avenue, Harare Box MP1186 Mount Pleasant, Harare (04) 724744/091 336 563 (04) 333674/724744 zimas@ecoweb.co.zw/mdlulizw@yahoo.co Welfare Officer To assist albino’s to live a better life in Zimbabwe. Set up a care centre. Provide education for ZIMAS members. NGO Human rights

41 Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa Forward in Faith (ZAOGA) 13A powell Rd. Waterfalls, Harare Box 3361, Harare (04) 621591 (04) 739386 Pastor Rupapa To teach women to be self reliant and provide a home to orphans. To teach women to be self reliant and provide a home to orphans. NGO Women,Children

498 Zimbabwe Association for Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation of the Offenders (ZACRO)* W.O. 65/68 12922 Ndhela Way Mbare,Harare Box MSK 260, Mbare, Harare (04) 770046 (04) 772946 zacrehab@mweb.co.zw 3 Y To promote crime free communities through collaborative rehabilitation and support for women and men convicted of crimes,survivors of crime. To mobilise communities to fight crime,give support to prisoners released on probation. NGO Rehabilitation of Offenders

183 Zimbabwe Association of Church Related Hospitals (ZACH) W.O.38/75 160 Baines Avenue,Harare Box 1556, Harare (04) 790597 (04) 790597 zach@africaonline.co.zw Executive Director Y To encourage and promote the highest standards of christian medical care. To facilitate and co-ordinate the relationship of the with Ministry of Health. NGO Health

568 Zimbabwe Association of Micro-finance Institutions 61 Princess Drive Highlands,Harare Box MP1151 Mount Pleasant, Harare (04) 776150/90 / 091-242-452/746920 zamfi@utande.co.zw Ms L Madzima Provide a platform for advocacy of micro finance and promote professionalism. Advocacy, Professionalism, Capacity Building. NGO Gender

521 Zimbabwe Association of University Women (ZAUW) W.O.250/68 c/o 69 Harare Drive Mount Pleasant,Harare (04) 336416 (04)732828 Executive Director To promote understanding and friendship among the university women of the world. To further the development of education,encourage the full application of their knowledge. NGO Women

Zimbabwe Book Development Council White House International Conference Centre,Harare Box CY 1179 Causeway, Harare (04) 749175-6 (04) 749190 zbdc.samara.co.zw Executive Director Promoting a sustainable literate and informed society. Bringing the resources of different institutions and groups concerned with books together. NGO Education

570 Zimbabwe care for life (ZCFL) trust MA 1246/2001

571 Zimbabwe Child Survival and Development Foundation* W.O.41/89 1 Elsworth Avenue Belgravia,Harare Box 6338, Harare (04) 730503 (04) 723909 Executive Director Y To give financial assistance to organisations that deal with Children. To give financial assistance to organisations that deal with Children NGO Health,Education and Children

12 Zimbabwe Children’s Home W.O.18/83 29 Loughborough Road Marlborough,Harare (04) 332197 Executive Director To look after ex-combatants’ children. To look after children of low income families and also the destitute. NGO Children

Zimbabwe Children’s Literature Foundation* W.O. 35/80 13 Benatar Way Alexandra Park,Harare Box 249, Harare (04) 744730 2 Director Y To provide children’s literature in the indigenous languages by publishing such literature. To promote children’s literature in the indigenous languages by discovering new talent . NGO Education, Children

159 Zimbabwe Civic Education Trust ZIMCET 44 Tredgold Drive, Belvedere, Harare Box 1858, Harare 04-778321/741358/741352/ (04) 778094 zimcetin@africaonline.co.zw Executive Director

281 Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU)* 9 – 10th Floor Chester House cnr 3rd /Speke Avenue,Harare Box 3549, Harare (04) 702517/794742/794702/793093 (04) 728484 zctu@mango.zw 40 Secretary General Organise,develop,maintain powerful effective democratic independent and united trade union. Organise,develop,maintain powerful effective democratic independent and united trade union. NGO Training

280 Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) 128 Mbuya Nehanda Avenue,Harare Box 3566, Harare 04-773654/748235 Telex; 26243oik zw Executive Director To bring for discussion, conference and joint action Christian denominations. To foster closer unity of the churches through ,joint action & service ecumenical studies. NGO Education and Training

301 Zimbabwe Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ZIMCADA)* W.O. 30/67 2 Drummond Chaplin Street, Milton Park,Harare Box 3742, Harare (04) 741861 Executive Director To aid the control, treatment and prevention of alcohol and drug abuse.and to offer counselling service to sufferers and the families of the corncened. To educate the public on the nature of alcoholism and drug abuse and the problems . NGO Health

573 Zimbabwe Decentralised Co-operation Programme 46 lawson Avenue, Milton Park, Harare P.O Box A1782, Avondale , Harare (04) 252027

Zimbabwe Downs Syndrome

971 Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) 6 Rochester Rd, Belgravia, Harare Box BE 630, Belvedere, Harare 250735/091 254 489 zesn@africaonline.co.zw. Website www.zesn.org.zw

509 Zimbabwe Environment Research Organisation (ZERO) W.O.19/87 158 Fife Avenue, Harare Box 5338, Harare (04) 791333/732858 (04) 720405 zero@internet.co.zw Executive Director To contribute towards the development of SADC region capacity. To organise and facilitate working groups on National and Regional energy issues. Int-NGO Environment

508 Zimbabwe Evaluation Society incorporated under Zimbabwe Evaluation Trust Protocol No.0020/2000 C/o Mandel Training Centre Cnr Adylinn/ Melton Rds, Marborough, Harare Box 163 Marlborough, Harare (04) 309071-5/011 218 709/ 011 730 278 mkhosa@delta.co.zw or pindai_sithole@hotmail.com Mr Mufunani Khosa Establishing and promoting ethics and standard in monitoring and evaluating practices facilitating collaboration and dialsgue among people interested monitoring and evaluation. monitoring and evaluation , training & consultancy,

278 Zimbabwe Farmers Development Trust 282 Herbert Chitepo Avenue,Harare Box 1326 ,Harare (04) 727609 Executive Director To assist farmers in honey production for rural farmers. NGO Agriculture

1502 Zimbabwe Farmer’s Union (ZFU)* 102 Fife Avenue/2nd Street, Harare Box3755 ,Harare (04) 251861-9 (04) 250925 zfu@hqafricaonline.co.zw E. Manyonga Improve the standards of living of farmers and enhance contribution of the agricultural industry to the national economy. Improve standards of living of farmers and enhancecontribution of the agricultural industry. NGO Agriculture

1515 Zimbabwe Federation of the Disabled Room 212 Southampton House Main Street/9th Avenue,Bulawayo Box 820,Bulawayo (09) 64467 (09) 74398 Executive Director To gather and disseminate information on issues of disability to member organisations. To co-ordinate and hold seminars,conferences on issues of disability. NGO Gender

6 Zimbabwe Foundation for Education with Production (ZIMFEP)* W.O. 25/81 52 Glamorgan Avenue Belvedere,Harare Box 298,Harare (04) 755991/771833-4 (04) 749147 zimfep@africaonline.co.zw Executive Director Y Contribute towards the development of a viable model or system of education and training for employment creation in the country as well as influence the national curriculum. Job creation for school leavers & training of ex- combatants. NGO Education

972 Zimbabwe Freedom from Hunger Campaign* W.O. 85/67 Ward 12, Parirenyatwa Annex, Mazoe/J. Tongogara, Harare Box 4375 Harare (04) 797297 (04) 797296 zffhc@africaonline.co.zw Executive Director To promote the best development programs among the poor Combating hunger and malnutrition by whatever lawful means available. NGO Agriculture

65 Zimbabwe Haemophiliac Association W.O. 17/88 Box A 178 Avondale,Harare NGO Health

591 Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (Zimrights) W.O. 108/93 90 Fourth Street/Alvestunct Corner Baines/,Harare Box 3951 Harare (04) 705898/707278/011 602 103 . zimright@samara.co.zw 38 Programme Co-ordinator To promote, protect and defend human rights, promoting human rights for all people. Advocating maginalised on human rights, Acting as voice of the voice lobbying and advocy. NGO Human Rights,

63 Zimbabwe Indigenous Economic Empowerment Organisation Globe House ,3rd floor 51 Jason Moyo Avenueb Harare (04) 780199 P.Japajapa Access to information and capital, as well as networking, NGO Information dissemination

973 Zimbabwe Informal Sector Association Stand 9567 Glen View Home Industry,Harare (04) 690949 (04) 690222 091 302 575 National Director To increase its operations nationally, if financially assisted only out sector was neglected. To source, promote and protect., provide security to members. Umbrella-NGO Agriculture, Human Rights, Gender, Educati9on

1532 Zimbabwe Institute for Development Studies University of Zimbabwe, Campus, Mt. Pleasant, Harare Box 880, Harare (04) 333341-3/307900-3 (04) 333345 NGO Education and Training

136 Zimbabwe Institute of Management* Reg. 12/91 Dzidzo House Enterprise Road/Londonderry Avenue Eastlea,Harare Box 3733, Harare (04) 705291/2 (04) 731477 zim@africaonline.co.zw 33 Registrar To promote and develop but practice in management. NGO Education,Training,Membership

277 Zimbabwe Institute of Permaculture* 178 Herbert Chitepo Avenue,Harare Box CY 301 Causeway,Harare (04) 726911/794878 (04) 726911 Executive Director An umbrella trust set up to initiate and facilitate the establishment of programmes. An umbrella trust set up to initiate and facilitate the establishment of programmes in sustainable land use. NGO Agriculture.

Zimbabwe Institute of Public Administration and Management Lake Robertson (West Bank) Off Robert Mugabe Highway,Darwendale. Box 126 Norton (062) 2001/7/2055,3275 (062) 2250/3580 J.M. Zwana NGO Education and Training

Zimbabwe Institute of Religious Research and Ecological Conservation (ZIRRCON 16 Kirton Street,Masvingo Box 652, Masvingo (039) 64524/64888/64874/63715 (039) 64484/65941 zirrcon@samara.co.zw 58 S Zvanaka To promote intergrated and sustainable development of the natural resources towards attainment of food security. To promote the sustainable management and utilisation of natural resources.(the soil, tree, animals, water). To promote rural community development through socio-economic projects. To assist rural communities by providing clean water supply. NGO Agriculture, Women, Forestry, Training, Wildlife, Resource Conservation

227 Zimbabwe IN-VITRO Fertilisation Association (ZIVF) W.O. 7/86 60 Baines Avenue c/o Mr Robertson Medical Chambers,Harare Box 5665,Harare (04) 706431 Executive Director To raise funds for drugs and equipment to use on the programmes. Provide counselling to participants,facilitate liaison medical profession and the participants. NGO Health

Zimbabwe Islamic Welafare Organisation (Z.I.W.O) W.O 21/11/2000 Msasa House Suit 20 & Room 6 South Avenue Harare 023 295 549 z.i.w.o@edumail.co.za To promote the Human Welfare Communuties in Zimbabwe, Both the Non Muslim and Muslim To look after the orphans, Poor students, poor families poors old people and to provide the social service to the needy members of the community NGO Education, Food Relief, Health, Poverty Alleviation, Community Development

185 Zimbabwe lawyers for Human Rights 100 Nelson Mandela Bervely Court Opp Quality International Box CY 1393, Causeway, Harare (04) 251468/70222/792641-7 (04) 251468 zlhr@icon.co.zw

1484 Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) 1st Floor South Wing Africa Synod House,Harare Box CY1393 Causeway,Harare (04) 251468 (04) 251468 091 337 699 Beverly Hargrove NGO Human Rights

1485 Zimbabwe Liberators Platform MA1101/2001 20 Cork Road Belgravia, Harare A1596 Avondale Harare (04) 704797/705022 (04) 704417 zippo@mweb.co.zw Zimbabwe Liberators platform Advocates for the respect of the values of the liberation struggle: Peace, development, Democracy, good Governance, Truth and political tolerance, respect for Human Rights, freedoms and rule of law. Human rights

224 Zimbabwe Mozambique Friendship Association (ZIMOFA) 34 Edmund Avenue Belvedere,Harare (04) 707741/2 To develop mutual understanding by increasing the exchange of information. To develop mutual understanding by increasing the exchange of information. NGO Education, Information

Zimbabwe Music Rights Association* 3 Aspen Flats Mendel Road Avondale,Harare Box 2213,Harare (04) 336185-7 Executive Director NGO Music

282 Zimbabwe Muslim Youth Organisation 54 Edmonds Avenue Belvedere,Harare Box 931,Harare (04) 708949 Executive Director Int-NGO Youth

53 Zimbabwe National Association for Housing Co-operatitives reg. 3326 102 Fife Avenue P.O Box 2686, Causeway, HARARE 263-04-703251/61 702781/252989 263-04-252977 hpz@mweb.co.zw To Present Housing Co-operatives at Different Forums and Effectively contribute to the sustainble Development of Housing co-operatives. NGO Advocacy, CapacityBuilding, Gender, HIV/AIDS, Skills Training, Community develop

1533 Zimbabwe National Association for Mental Health (ZIMNAMH)* W.O. 39/81 19 Selous Ave Mass Media House/ 3rd & 4th Street,Harare Box A196 Avondale,Harare (04) 792946/728538/731272 (04) 794973 zimnamh@africaonline.co.zw 15 E Matare Y To work towards better care treatment and rehabilitation of people who suffer from mental health problems and to promote mental health for all through Zimbabwe. To represent the interests of people who suffer from mental health. NGO Health, Education, Women, Gender, Training,Children.

165 Zimbabwe National Care Trust W.O. 27/89 19 Fair Way North wood Mount Pleasant,Harare Box 537,Harare (04) 884405 Executive Director Y To find a solution to homeless through social and economic rehabilitation of the destitute. To research on policies to protect land degradation which is the main cause of homeless. NGO Health

501 Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) 82 Equity House Rezende,Harare Box 1934,Harare (04) 753444/9 (04) 753450 info@zncc.co.zw 40 John Makamure To be a leader in business development in the national economy. Advance economic progress through the creation of a good business climate. NGO Business

48 Zimbabwe National Conservation Trust NGO Enviroment

107 Zimbabwe National Council for the Care of the Aged W.O. 20/72 107 Wellburn Avenue Ballantyne Park,Harare Box 8153 Causeway,Harare (04) 882826 (04) 882674 Executive Director To act as an advisory body to the government and to any scheme for the care of the aged. Co-ordinates all efforts and holding funds in trust for the care of the aged. NGO Training, Information

270 Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children* W.O. 385/68 3rd Floor, Mass Media House, 19 Selous Ave, Harare Box CY 2800 Causeway, Harare (04) 738429 (04) 794973 zncwc@africaonline.co.zw Acting Director To initiate, encourage, promote and develop co-operation for the welfare of children. NGO Children

108 Zimbabwe National Council of Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) W.O. 32/69 Box 3865,Harare (04) 720084 (04) 796483 Executive Director To unite young people as disciples of Jesus Christ. To create a work enviroment that enhances personal and professional development. NGO Education and Training

1519 Zimbabwe National Environment Trust (ZIMNET) W.O. 4/88 18 Mitchel Road Greendale,Harare Box CY358Causeway, Harare (04) 96105 (04) 496105 zimnet@samara.co.zw 4 Executive Director Y Umbrella-NGO Wildlife, Resource Conservation, Education

Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC)* Highfield Road, Harare Box ST 220 Southerton,Harare (04) 620281-5 (04) 620280 znfpc@harare.iafrica.com Executive Director Y To provide subsided contraception to the nation, teaching and training in family planning. To provide family planning awareness to the community, Parastatal Health

118 Zimbabwe National League of the Blind* W.O. 58/73 15 Fife Avenue,Harare Box 641, Bulawayo (04) 60235 5 Executive Director Y To encourage integration and empowerment of the visually handicapped persons. Assisting those in need. Provision of education and training for the blind. NGO Human Rights, Education, Gender

499 Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association W.O. 1/90 Marima Building RM 202 2ND Floor 13 th Avenue/Jason Moyo Street Bulawayo Box 4203,Harare Executive Director NGO Community Service

229 Zimbabwe National Network for people Living with HIV/AIDS PVO 2/99 Box A 1769 Avondale, Harare (04) 741824/741620/741745 (04) 741824 znnp@advocacy.co.zw Website www.znnp@goldnet.co.zw Executive Director To present our interest as people living with HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe by capacity buiding, empowerment and education for both the infected and affected. HIV/AIDS

569 Zimbabwe National Retired Members Association 28 Divine Rd Milton Park, Harare Box A 1620 Avondale Harare (04) 722281/753416/753400 Mr Walter Kawara To act with poor people as a force for change in addressing the causes of poverty. To advocate and lobby for policies which enhance gender equity and sustainability. NGO Women and Children

13 Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association (ZINATHA)* Khan House cnr Albion Street/L. Takawira Suite 8 2nd Floor Harare Box1116, Harare (04) 751902 G Chavhunduka To promote traditional medicine and practice.To promote research into traditional medicines and methods of treatment. To promote research into traditional medicines and methods of treatment. NGO Health

Zimbabwe New Hope Home W.O. 9/86 Gatsi Bussiness Centre Katiyo Road Honde Valley,Mutare Box 82 Hauna, Mutare Executive Director Y To help the destitute, homeless with food clothing and accommodation. NGO Gender

331 Zimbabwe Opportunities Industrilisation Centres (ZOIC) 19 Harare street, P.O Box A1626, Avondale, Harare (04) 708889 / 708909 /252762 (04) 252768 phillip@zoic.co.zw

Zimbabwe Parents of Handicapped Children’s Association* (Z.P.H.C.A) W.O. 7/90 256 Chiremba Road Hatfield,Harare c/o Tose Respite Home, Box GT 62 Graniteside, HARARE 011 716 943/091 357 936/ 091 919 140 zpcda@africaonline.co.zw 7 F Kabayadondo To provide a forum of exchange of information and experiences. To encourage education/rehabilitation handicapped children. NGO Advocacy, Disability, Women, Health and Children

290 Zimbabwe Project Trust W.O. 56/82 182 Samore Machel Avenue,Harare Box 4111,Harare (04) 722414/27/24 (04) 722425 zimproj@africaonline.co.zw 17 Director To be the lead organisation working with people in transition from their communal homes. To achieve household of community food, self sufficiency. NGO Micro finance, sustainable rural livelihoods, Emergency, support and recovery.

276 Zimbabwe Project Trust* W.O. 56/82 52 Fort Street, Bulawayo Box 2078,Bulawayo (09) 68804/71019 (04) 76669 zimproj@africaonline.co.zw 118 Executive Director Y To enable disadvantaged Zimbabweans to gain entry into and participate in their country’s socio-economic development. To guide ZTP in identifying target groups. NGO Agriculture,Human Rights, Women,Gender,Trainingand Environment

Zimbabwe Regional Disaster Alleviation Trust (ZRDAT) 139/2001 Satcoy House, 125 Robert Mugabe Road, Harare Box 1285, Harare (04) 792728 (04) 727886 To educate and alert the population of Zimbabwe to be prepared and take preventive measures against natural and the damage they cause, in order to avoid or minimise human suffering and enviroment devastation. Elders& pensioners, disadvantaged children, natural disasters e.g cyclones, drought, floods.

502 Zimbabwe Sports Associationfor Persons with Disabilities* W.O. 58/68 Room 212 Southampton House Main St/9th Avenue,Bulawayo NGO Sports ,Health

302 Zimbabwe Student Christian Movement (ZSCM) W.O. 46/70 136 Harare Street,Harare (04) 725436 Executive Director To call students to faith the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. To train,equip,and encourage students to witness their faith especially in schools or colleges. NGO Education and Training

2076 Zimbabwe Tariro Organisation P.O Box ST609 Southerton ,Harare

94 Zimbabwe Tariro Organisation* W.O. 23/81 117 Glenview Area 8,Harare Box ST 609 Southerton Harare (04) 690147 Mr Masango To educate patients and their relatives about mental illness and chemotherapy. To re-integrate patients back into the community as comfortable as possible. NGO Education and Training

34 Zimbabwe Trust W.O. 40/81 4 Lanark Road, Belgravia,Harare Box 4027, Harare (04) 730543/722957 (04) 795150 zimtrust@samora.co.zw Executive Director Y To provide technical advice, training, financial, and material support to approved projects. NGO Training

1580 Zimbabwe Voluntary Community Development Association 3943-49 Cresent,Glenview 3,Harare Box 3719,Harare (04) 687533 Norbert Matadi To stimulate Young People and facilitate educating themselves on specific issues such as environment and development. NGO Education and Environment

Zimbabwe Widows and Orphans Trust – Harare 114 Eastern Road, Greendale North, Harare Box GD 108, Greendale, Harare (04) 494416

Zimbabwe Widows and Orphans Rehabilitation Organisation 2nd Floor, Kyle House,Masvingo Box 740, Masvingo (039) 64953/66027 To protect and promote welfare of widows and orphans in Zimbabwe. NGO Refugees

15 Zimbabwe Women Finance Trust (ZWFT) W.O. 14/89 110 Masotsha Ndlovu Way Prospect Road,Hatfield, Harare Box CY122 Causeway,Harare (04) 576303 (04) 775613 zwft@telco.co.zw 51 Executive Director To empower women economically by promoting their active participation in the development. Provision of credit to poor marginalised women.provide savings mobilisation facility. NGO Women, Micro Credit

500 Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association (ZWLA) 17 FIFE Avenue, harare Box CY473 Causeway, Harare (04) 706676/706719/703766 (04) 706820 20 Mrs Muchawa NGO Women, human rights

Zimbabwe Women with Disabilities in Zimbabwe 2nd Floor, room 210, Southampton House Cnr 9th Ave/ Main Street, Bulawayo Box 2915 Bulawayo (09) 888001\887187

Zimbabwe Women’s Bureau* W.O. 45/78 43 Hillside Road Hillside,Harare Box CR120 Cranborne,Harare (04) 747433/747905 (04) 747809 zwbtc@africaonline.co.zw 27 Fiona Mwashita Y To contribute to poverty alleviation and distribution of power,decision making and wealth among women through strengthening support systems,civic,economic and health education. To improve women’s functional and economic literacy. NGO Women, Gender, Economic Empowerment

17 Zimbabwe Women’s Resource Centre and Network* W.O. 16/90 288 Herbert Chitepo Avenue,Harare Box 2192,Harare (04) 737435/252389/700250/707483 (04) 720331 zwrcn@icon.co.zw Thoko Mathe Y Equity and quality between men and women. To discuss ideas,information reports and research data. NGO Women,Gender,Development and Information Dissemination

Zimbabwe-EU Microproject Programme (MPP) 6th Floor Hurudza House, CNr N Mandela Avenue and Park street, Harare Box 2840, harare admin@hre.zimeumpp.co.zw The MPP provides financial support towards the implementation of community initiated projects failing with the categories marked above Agriculture, Education, Environment, Health,Poverty Alleviation, Rural Development

Zimcare Trust Mother Body c/o Ruvimbo Special School, Birmingham Road Extension, Southerton Box ST 189 Southerton, Harare (04) 667470 (04) 741859/60 zimcaret@africaonline.co.zw to provide high quality special education so as to develop a self reliant, independent, socially acceptable and well integrated individual by teaching and training communication and self help and basic academic functional skills to enrich the lives of all the mentally and physically challenged children at Ruvimbo education

Zimcare Trust* W.O. 57/82/44 4 Drummond Chaplin Street Milton Park,Harare Box BE 90,Belvedere,Harare (04) 741859/60 (04) 741859/61 zimcaret@africaonline.co.zw To care and educate mentally challenged persons and to act as a vanguard ooganisation advocating for their rights. Equip them with survival skills e.g. feeding and washing themselves. NGO Education, Training

476 ZIMCODD 5 Orkney Road Eastlea,Harare 04-776830/31

1483 04-771844/755991

1480 ZINASU Box 3591,Harare 04- 790675 nuspotech@yahoo.com

268 Zororai Homes Society W.O. 3/75 Murapa Road Old Sakubva,Mutare Box 3138 Paulington, Mutare Executive Director To look after old, destitute people. NGO Health

Zuvarabuda Development Association 55 Magamba Way,Chinhoyi Box 494,Chinhoyi (067) 25660-2 (067) 26367 Executive Director NGO Women,Gender,Training,Education,and Resource Conservation.

Zvitambo Project 18 Van Praagh Avenue Milton Park,Harare (04) 708418/413 (04) 708405 zvitambo@icon.con.zw Dr Jean Humphrey Aims to reduce infant mortality. NGO Women and Children

730633/730638 (04) 733557 zesn@africaonline.co.zw. Website www.zesn.org.zw To enhance a democratic, transparent, free and fair electroal process and environment through co-ordinating activites of member organisations. TRUST Good governance and democracy