Putin Promises “Evolutionary” Political Reforms: Can The Kremlin Weather a “Russian Spring”?

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Tawanda Kanhema – October 6, 2011

Russia has been following developments around the world curiously, beginning with the Arab Spring, which toppled dictators in North Africa and shook regimes in the middle east to the London protests and the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests in the United States.

Can the The Kremlin weather a “Russian Spring”? 


Russian President Vladimir Putin. Can The Kremlin weather a "Russian Spring"?

Russia’s ability to suppress internal instability while containing the ongoing disputes with breakaway states and terrorism on its borders in untested.

Speaking at an investment forum titled Russia Calling recently, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who is slated for a return to the presidency in 2012, acknowledged the need for political reforms, but warned they should be “evolutionary” rather than rapid.

“There is no doubt that changes are needed and they will be happening, but it will be an evolutionary path. We don’t need great turmoil, we need great Russia,” Putin said, adding, “We will act very carefully, strengthening the fundamental foundations of our political system and developing it.”

It remains to be seen whether Russians will give Putin the time he needs for “evolutionary change”, while they watch citizens around the world overhaul repressive regimes overnight.