Eritrea: List of Demands for Reforms Presented to President Afewerki

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Following my blog post on the alleged coup attempt in Eritrea earlier this week, Twitter user Eritrea2013 @eritreatime sent me this list of some of the demands for reforms supposedly presented to President Isaias Afewerki. @eritrea time says President Afewerki is aware of many of these demands, and has failed to implement the reforms.

“(Afewerki) has not responded to requests for reforms,” @eritreatime wrote. “Most of these reforms are not new. His own cabinet members and members of the Assembly demanded the same. All are either in prison, dead or near death. In Eritrea there’s no rule of law, no National Assembly, no private press. All the reforms will have to be imposed on him. Process has started this week. Change is inevitable.”

While I cannot independently verify the source of the demands beyond the user’s Twitter handle, some of them do sound credible and match what has been published in both Eritrean and global media.

Here is the list of demands and comments: