Herman Cain Wants to Be Defense Secretary, Hypothetically

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Herman Cain, the U.S. presidential candidate who did not know that China had nuclear weapons, has expressed interest in “hypothetically” serving as the country’s Secretary for Defense. Cain, a ballistic mathematician, has an extensive background in the military, but his knowledge of the world outside of America’s borders could easily fit on the back of a Godfather’s Pizza napkin.

After he failed to answer a question on the U.S. intervention in Libya during his campaign for the Republican Party nomination, Cain’s team told journalists that they gave him “a page” of advice on foreign policy issues daily.

The graphic below, taken from Cain’s campaign website, shows his assessment of America’s strategic interests, and Africa does not appear on his map, save for the northern-most tip, labelled as “danger and opportunity”.

Africa does not appear in Cain's view of the world, adapted from Facebook.