HIV Positive Teacher Accused of Intoxicating, Raping 15 Girls in Namibia

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Teacher charged on two rape counts, accused of raping 15 girls.

By Patience Nyangove

A Namibian school teacher alleged to be HIV positive reportedly went on a sex rampage a few weeks ago and raped 15 teenage girls after giving them alcohol at Klein Aub School near Rehoboth, 60 miles south of the capital, Windhoek.

Informanté understands that the teacher gave the teenage girls beer before allegedly raping them.

Although the Women and Child Protection Unit at the Rehoboth Police Station confirmed the incident, they refused to shed more light on the issue saying that they are still trying to obtain statements from 13 of the raped girls who allegedly initially were not so keen on giving out their statements.

The suspect whose identity cannot be revealed because of legal implications is known to Informanté and the police.

However, Sergeant Hochtritt, officer in charge of Namibian Police’s Women and Child Protection (WPCU) in Rehoboth,  said the suspect had appeared in court facing two counts of rape as only two of the 15 girls agreed to give police statements.

“We are going there now to investigate the story and get statements from the girls,” Hochtritt said, “You have to understand that we have to treat them with care for them to open up and if they hear about this story in the Informanté they might not agree to talk.”

“However the suspect has already been arrested and appeared in court today facing two charges of rape after only two girls came out. Please contact us next week by then we would have completed our investigations and obtained all statements from the girls,” she said.

A concerned parent who called Informanté over the issue accused the police of not swift taking action.

“The teacher is HIV positive and we are not stigmatising him because of his HIV status but because of what he did to the girls. Firstly he gave these kids liquor to make them drunk. Once they were drunk he raped all the 15 girls. The issue was initially reported to the headmaster who chose to sweep it under the carpet before another headmaster who came on in an acting capacity did nothing. Nothing is being done about the case and that pains us so much.”

Minister of Education, Dr Abraham Iyambo said although he had not received any report over the issue generally such teachers if found guilty of committing such a crime had no place at schools.

“In general for me I don’t have space for teachers that rape children at schools and neither do I have time for them. A teacher is a parent at school for students we call it loco-parenting. If there is clear evidence of rape then I don’t have space for such teachers because I can’t allow such teachers in front of the students who would have dehumanised and violated those children’s fundamental rights.

“Many teachers violate students but sometimes it’s difficult to remove them because of procedures but they need to be removed immediately. All Namibian learners were given to me by the Head of State and they are my responsibility so I want those teachers who abuse them out of the system.”

Patience Nyangove is an investigative journalist with Informante, a Namibian weekly newspaper.