Refugee Crisis: What Syrians Are Searching on Google

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As thousands of Syrians flee fighting, top Google searches coming out of Syria reveal that people are still planning to seek refuge in Europe. AJ+ takes a closer look at the Google Trends data and what it may mean for a worsening refugee crisis.

Here are some of the common search terms related to Syrian refugee crisis.


Top Related Searches on Maps

  1. Map of Europe
  2. Germany map
  3. Turkey map
  4. Syria map
  5. World map
  6. Turkey map in Arabic
  7. Greece map
  8. Map of Germany in Arabic
  9. Google Maps
  10. Arabic map of Europe


Top Related Searches: “Travel to…”

  1. Travel to Germany
  2. Travel to Turkey
  3. Travel to Germany for Syrians
  4. Travel from Turkey to Greece
  5. Travel to Canada
  6. Cost of traveling to Germany
  7. How to travel to Germany
  8. Travel routes to Germany
  9. Travel to Malaysia
  10. Traveling from Turkey to Germany

Top Related Searches: “Distance between…” and “Distance to…”

  1. Distance between Edirne and Izmir
  2. Distance between Turkey and Greece
  3. Distance between Izmir and Istanbul
  4. Distance between Turkey and Greece sea
  5. Distance between Macedonia and Serbia
  6. Distance between Kos and Athens
  7. Distance between Adana and Mersin
  8. Distance between Rome and Munich by train
  9. Distance between Damascus and Beirut
  10. Distance from Budapest to Germany


Top Related Searches on Germany

  1. Immigration to Germany
  2. Asylum in Germany
  3. Germany map
  4. German embassy in Beirut
  5. Syrian refugees in Germany
  6. Germany photos
  7. German embassy in Lebanon
  8. Population of Germany
  9. Map of Germany in Arabic
  10. Syrian immigration to Germany

Top Related Searches on Greece

  1. Greece map
  2. Sea separating Turkey and Greece
  3. Greek island of Kos
  4. Greece islands
  5. Map of Greece and Macedonia
  6. Map of Turkey and Greece
  7. Distance between Turkey and Greece
  8. Distance between Izmir and Greece
  9. Mytilene Greek island
  10. Greek island of Samos

And most importantly:

Top Related Searches on ‘safety’ 

  1. Site Syrian Red Crescent Hospital
  2. Sourjmaah Palestinian Red Crescent Homs Branch
  3. General Commission of the Red Cross Syria
  4. Red Crescent Hospital in Damascus
  5. Treatment of burns at home
  6. First aid for burns
  7. Red Crescent clinic in Zahara branch Aldamishq
  8. Jisr Hospital
  9. prehospital trauma life support
  10. mouth to mouth resuscitation ?