Rwanda: How Sport is Transforming a Nation

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Rwanda’s professional cycling team, Team Rwanda, is a more powerful tool of diplomacy than all of President Paul Kagame’s ministries combined. There is a reason.

Rwanda has been trailblazing the development path, achieving all of the Millennium Development Goals on target and establishing itself as a prime investment destination in the region. But there are still problems.

President Kagame’s government continues to victimize journalists and jail political activists, overshadowing the progress it has made on the development front.

Against this backdrop, Team Rwanda stands out and holds the hope of a nation beyond the current political divisions and Kagame’s continued use of strong arm technics to control both the state and civil society.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Orlando von Einsiedel, King of the Mountain follows the life of cyclist Samuel Mugisha, who grew up with the dream to become a professional cyclist. Mugisha is now on Team Rwanda, the country’s aclaimed cycling team. His story is moving. Watch it here.